What does Radar do?

By a smart 4th grader


Did you know that Radar is invisible! My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Radar is and what Radar does.  Next, I will cover how big can radar can be and how small Radar can be.  Then I will write about who uses Radar.  Finally, I will end with Radar is invisible!  For more info on Radar read the rest of my report!

What Radar is (or what it does)

My technology is Radar and it is very helpful.  It is very interesting it helps you if you are trying to land an airplane at night! Marshall Brain said that radar can be used at night when the pilot looks through the Radar to see where to land!


Radar’s Accuracy

This paragraph is about how accurate the radar can be.  When I started this report I didn’t know how accurate radar could be.  I thought it might detect objects as big as a hill.  I thought it might detect objects as small as a little ruler.  Boy was I surprised. Brooks E. Martner said that radar can detect objects as little as an insect or objects as big as a mountain!


who uses a radar

This paragraph is about who uses radar.   Normal people use radar in baseball games to see how fast the pitch is.  Police man use radar to see how fast people are going.  My grandpa, Mr. Erickson, taught me that the navy uses radar and so does the U. S. army!  The navy uses it to see if enemy ships are coming.