Amber Alerts Are Everywhere!


Do you know what an AMBER ALERT is? Have you ever been kidnapped? Do you know how important it is to have an Amber Alert system? I hope so. Have you ever thought that you were kidnapped by your parents? I know I haven’t because I know that they are. They’re always kind, and proud of us. Why would I have proof of them being my mom and dad if they kidnapped me. I also haven’t been kidnapped, thankfully, but it is a very high risk. It’s so easy to get lost for a child and to get mixed up with parents. They don’t know the dangers of being kidnapped. The kidnappers will seem so nice and either the child will end up following them home or they shove your child/children in their car. They will treat you nicely at first, but once they convince you that they’re your parents, they can get very horrible. You will feel so sad, and feel like an idiot, like they would probably call you, but it’s not you, it’s them. I would hate to get kidnapped; I love my family and life style.  I can’t believe anyone would take a child away from a family; it’s so cruel. If you have the same feelings as I do, then read on, if you are a kidnapper, you will get offended real badly, so if you don’t want your feelings hurt, don’t read on kidnappers!

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Amber Alert is and what it does.  Next, I will cover Who all has been saved by using Amber Alert. Then I will write about Where it’s posted.

What Amber Alert is and what Amber Alert does?

This paragraph is about Amber Alert and what it does.  Amber Alert is an alert posted on the

News and newspapers, so that if somebody has seen the child, they could turn the kidnapper/kidnappers in. Remember when Elisabeth Smart was kidnapped? It was a long time since we found her, but we did, just because it was posted on the news, and a man recognized her, and called the police. I remember when I was sitting in class and the announcements came on, and said that Elisabeth Smart was found. I was so happy! I thought that we would never find her.  Amber Alert is where the parents of a missing child calls the news people and they post it, hoping that someone has seen the child, so that they can get their child or children back.

This is a picture of Amber Hagerman; she was brutally murdered while riding her bike. She got kidnapped and someone killed her. Ever since then, people have done Amber Alert named after her. Everyone in her neighborhood missed and misses her badly, her parents wanted to prevent this from happening in the future so they decided to do Amber Alert so that other kids will be safe unlike Amber Hagerman.

Who all has been saved by using Amber Alert?

This paragraph is about all the people that have been saved because of Amber Alert.  So many people have been saved because of Amber Alert.  December 14, 2005

On November 18, 2005, a 15-year-old girl, upset by the attempted suicide of her caregiver, left from school with a classmate and a friend of her brother. She took a backpack full of clothing with her but no money. The caller to the NCMEC hotline believed the girl may have traveled to Minnesota to see her biological mother or to Oregon where one of her companions had family. Two days later the child called her legal guardian and left a message. The telephone number was traced to a payphone in Washington. Poster distribution was focused in that area and a few days later the child was recognized. Law enforcement received a tip that she and a companion had been seen sleeping in a vehicle. They were, in fact, traveling to Minnesota to be with her biological mother when they ran out of money and blew a tire on their car. The child was recovered and is now with her legal guardian.

Where is it posted?

This is a paragraph about all the places that Amber Alert.  Amber Alert can be posted in a lot of places including posters, the news, newspapers, the internet, e-mails, and text messaging on cell phones. Anyone can find out who has been kidnapped in their area by just going on the internet or watching the news, looking in the newspaper, etc…. J This is a teen charged for kidnappings.  I know, a teenager a 16yr old kidnapping already!



        In conclusion, if you ever get kidnapped, scream, even if they threaten you, they don’t mean it, usually,   and you can get away. Never ever follow someone you don’t know who offers ice cream, or says he/she can’t find their dog, or  kitties (haha) or they say they need your help quickly, just ignore  it and run away, try not to run away from home or to a deserted place, because they can follow you, and if you scream, no one will  be able to hear you, but if you’re by your house you can scream and someone will come out and hit the man/woman in the head  with a baseball bat! (haha!)

I hope you enjoyed learning about Amber Alert.  I know I enjoyed learning about how many kid’s lives can be saved because of Amber Alert.  Always remember to scream and run if a stranger asks you to do something for him/her. Such as, a dog ha ha just kidding! So I really hope you liked my Amber Alert Report. I worked on it for like hmmm, about a month and it’s finally finished, so please enjoy it. J