The gas mask, a world saver

By: Forth grade smarty


Has your family been threaten by gases that have given your children bad dreams?  Have you been worried you’re self about gases and smoke, dust, and other things that could be harmful to you and your children, but yet you haven’t found any thing that will help you in an emergency?  No fear there is a thing that is going to end your trouble’s not being able to sleep because you’re worried about your children.  The gas mask could be your guardian angels that will help your tiered eyes get to sleep; the gas mask is a mask that cleans all the air that is harmful to your family.  No more sleepless nights with your guardian angle near, and to make things better there is baby, children, and adult’s gas mask. Your sleep is in your guardian angels hands.

My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a gas mask is and what a gas mask does.  Next, I will cover the year the gas mask was invented.  Then I will write about how the gas mask saved its inventor.  Finally, I will end information and help with finding just the thing that will keep you happy with the area that you are in and not be worried about the gases that mitt be near you.

What a gas mask is and what it does

This paragraph is about what a gas mask is.

The gas mask is a mask that protects you and your children from harmful gases, dust, and smoke. The gas mask has filters in the cheeks of the gas mask; the filters clean the air, gases, dust, smoke, and ext that are around you so that you don’t get hurt.

This paragraph is about what a gas mask does.

A gas mask is a world saver. It cleans air that mitt be very harmful to your body that mitt also be around you right this second. It filters the air with filters that are in the cheeks of the gas mask and goes into the mouth of the gas mask were your mouth should be, to keep you safe.  There are also kids, babies, and adult’s gas mask so that every one is safe.

What year was the gas mask invented?

This paragraph is about what year was the gas mask invented.

The gas mask was invented in 1914 but the gas mask was invented in other times too but this is the one that I think most people find on the Internet and gets most of the people’s attention because it has more things that are important to know a gas mask than any other web site has.

WWW. Zoomschool. Com said that

The gas mask was invented the year 1914.

How the gas mask saved its inventor?

This paragraph is about how a gas mask saved its own inventor; you don’t hear that every day!

The gas mask is one thing people may think that has not done very much but save people.  There wrong I know a gas mask that has saved its inventor and it’s the truth.

The gas mask has done many things but save its own inventor is just not normal.  The inventor was with some other people when the accident happened.  The inventors brother had heard that his brother got stuck with some other people and ran to his house to get the gas masks he had heard his brother talk about, some other people helped him save his brother and 50 other people that had gone in.  Even though they didn’t save all the people they tried.  It was just to hard to save people who had already breathed in too much of the dusty and thick air.

Has the gas mask improved?

This paragraph is about has the gas mask improved and if it has how?

The gas mask has improved just to get your attention and that’s not all that I wanted your attention for.  If you have seen the gas mask that has been around for a long time than you know what I mean but if you haven’t than for your own good to make up your mind on thinking is it really full proof and so should I buy it than you should read on.

The gas mask has in proved and I think that you should buy one because you can buy a suit just to make your self-fill more comfortable with wearing one too.

I learned from eBay that the gas mask has in proved over the years and now they have suits to go with them to make shur your perfectly safe.



In conclusion, now that you know how you can keep you and your children safe and keep your children from having bad dreams, go buy a gas mask.  I wish you the best of luck with the problems that are now just bad dreams that you have hopefully now just waken up from because your guardian angle is near. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about the gas mask.  I know I enjoyed learning about what a gas mask is and what it does.  Always remember that the gas mask saved its inventor and that the gas mask has improved.

Thanks for reading my gas mask world saver hopefully you will know what you can do to take care of the pesky problems that are now yester year.