By: A Smart 4th grader


Hi do you know what a Jet Fighter can do? Well if you don’t you should read this report. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Jet Fighter is and what Jet Fighter does.  Next, I will cover when it was in vented.  Then I will write about how fast it can fly.  Finally, I will end with how it is designed to attack. If you want to know about every thing that I said that I wrote then you probably want to read this report.

What it is


Jet Fighter is a plane that they use in war and military to kill their enemies faster. It can hold one person.  Wikipedia said we would probably be loosing the war if we did not have Jet Fighters.

 When Jet Fighters were invented

The Jet Fighter was invented in 1944-1953. The first jet fighter was invented in Germany.

 How fast Jet Fighters can fly

Jet Fighters can fly 1,127mph. They were made like that so they could kill the enemy faster.             


How Jet Fighters are designed to attack

       The Jet Fighter is designed to attack ground targets. The Jet Fighter is designed to attack ground targets not air targets if it did attack air targets it would not attack nearly as fast, unless it is a different kind of a Jet Fighter.


In conclusion, The Jet Fighter is absolutely the greatest warplane!

I hope you enjoyed learning about Jet Fighters. I know I enjoyed learning about Jet Fighters.  Always remember at least how fast If can fly or how it is designed to attack.

I thank you a ton for reading my report!