Scuba Gear

By: a 4th grader


My report will cover interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what Scuba Gear is and what Scuba Gear do.  Next, I will cover how you can breath underwater with Scuba Gear on.  Then, I will write about how Scuba Gear works.  Finally, I will end with how you can use Scuba Gear and stuff like that.

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What Scuba Gear is and what Scuba Gear do

This paragraph is about what scuba gear is and what scuba gear does.

Scuba Gear is something you can take underwater and swim with it on your body.

Murrells Inlet said

Help you breath and swim underwater.

How you can breath with Scuba Gear on

This paragraph is about how you can breath with scuba gear on.

The reason why you can breath with Scuba Gear on is because if you just hold your breath with your fingers you could die but if you hold your breath with Scuba Gear you couldn’t die because you don’t need to use your fingers at all.

Murrells Inlet

That if you take scuba gear underwater and breath you wouldn't die.


How Scuba Gear works

This paragraph is about how scuba gear works.

Scuba Gear works by putting it on and breathing better than you have before in life. Or should I say you could breath even better in all life of the world.

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Scuba Gear is great these days  

This paragraph is about how scuba gear is great these days.

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I hope you enjoyed learning about Scuba Gear. I know I enjoyed learning about how you can breath underwater.  Always remember how Scuba Gear works and how helpful they are to let us see underwater breath underwater

Bye! And thanks for reading my report!!!