Animatronics:  A Cool Entertainment

By A Fourth Grade Student


Hey! Do you like animatronics? Do you even know what they are? My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what an animatronic is and what an animatronic does.  Next, I will cover the invention. Then I will write about what animatronics can do.  Finally, I will end with my conclusion. Well, go ahead and learn something new about animatronics.

What An Animatronic Is And What Animatronics Do

Hey! What is an animatronic? Well, it is your turn to find out. An animatronic is a form of robotics created by Disney’s Imagineers for several shows and attractions at Disney theme parks, and subsequently expanded on and used by other companies. Animatronics do whatever they have in their memory chip. Wikipedia said,

An animatronic is basically a mechanized puppet. It may be preprogrammed or remotely controlled. An animatronic may only perform a limited range of movements or it may be incredibly versatile.

The Invention

Do you know when someone came up with animatronics? Well, read on to find out. Animatronics were invented in 1993. They started out in Disney movies and other movies like E.T. They use them for Yoda in Star Wars by George Lucas. says,  Animatronics were invented in 1993. They have very different controls.




What Animatronics Can Do

Well, animatronics can do very many different things. This paragraph will tell you the answer.  Animatronics can do many things. They can also be in very many shapes and sizes. Some animatronics are giant spiders that do back flips in the road. Some are Giant thrashers that have long claws and try to thrash ya’ apart.  Some are at Chuck E. Cheese that play instruments.  Horror Dome said, Animatronics can do many things like back flips, jumps, and also they can be very huge, like 12 feet tall.


Where Can People See Them?

This paragraph will tell you where YOU can see them. Well, if you want to see them, read on. You can see animatronics in movies, stores, theme parks and many more locations. You can see them at Chuck E. Cheese, Wal-Mart, Disney Land, E.T. the movie, Herbie the movie, Jurassic Park (all three), and Star Wars. Wikipedia said, You can find animatronics on Monsters Inc.  and other things like that, but you will surely find them somewhere.


In conclusion, you now know lots of things about animatronics. You know what it is now! You know about the invention, what they can do, and were you can see them. I hope you enjoyed learning about animatronics. I know I enjoyed learning about what they are.  Always remember the invention and were you can find them. Thanks for learning about animatronics with me and reading my report. See ya’ later!!