By A 4th Grader


Have you ever used an ABS?  I have.  Do you think its possible to build an ABS? Well its possible.  My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what ABS is and what ABS does.  Next, I will cover it with The ABS Invention.  Then I will write about why ABS is needed.  Finally, I will end with some Conclusions.  If you think you would like to find out these things, then you must read on to find out.

What ABS is and what ABS does

What is ABS:  This paragraph is about what ABS is and what ABS does.  ABS is a brake that stops your car so you won’t crash into another person’s car.  William H. Haverdink said

A break is something that you push with your foot and it will stop your car.

All your cars have an ABS in them.  ABS is a brake.

The ABS Invention

The Invention:  This paragraph is about The Invention of ABS.  ABS is a brake in your car all cars have them.  If we didn’t have ABS then we wouldn’t be able to stop.

We use the break so we won't crash into another car that isn't ours.

This is why we need brakes.

Why ABS is needed

ABS:  This paragraph is about why ABS is needed.  ABS is needed so we won’t crash into any other cars.  Also we won’t have to spend money always every time you crash into some other car because you can’t stop.

When you push the break it will stop your car from crashing into another car.

ABS is needed:  This paragraph is about how ABS is needed.  ABS has 2 things to make it work.

Motion and Heat is the energy they use.

These are the 2 things that ABS needs to make it work.


In conclusion, I will tell my parents and we will have a little party for me.  Also we will say HURRAY!  I hope you enjoyed learning about ABS.  I know I enjoyed learning about why ABS is needed.  Always remember ABS is a brake at the bottom of your car and ABS is not a toy to play with.  Thanks for reading this report.