EVERYTHING to you need to KNOW all about LASERS!

By a 4th Grader



Have you ever had a laser?  Here are some facts for you if you ever get a laser. My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a laser is and what a laser does.  Next, I will cover the invention of a laser and by who invented it, Then I will write about facts you have to know.  Finally, I will end with a conclusion. If you like my beginning you’ll like the end too.  Read on if you must because that was just the beginning. 

What a laser is and what a laser does

This paragraph is about lasers are used for many things like eye surgery.  Lasers are also used in machines like the laser printer.  Lasers can be dangerous but they can be helpful in many ways too.  Not many people realize that they use lasers for example, some parents use laser printers but they might not know that when they print stuff they use a laser at the same time.  Google.com said that lasers can be very dangerous but can be very, very useful. Lasers can be very helpful in many ways but they are still very dangerous.  Lasers are still around today and are still very helpful in lots of ways.





When it was invented and by whom

Topic sentence: This paragraph is about the inventor of the first laser that was invented by an important man. The inventor’s wife’s name is Kathleen.  He invented the laser inside his very own garage.   He had a friend help him in the garage.  If you are still interested I beg you to read on! I swear you won’t regret anything I tell you. Lasers can be very dangerous but yet very helpful so read on if you dare!  IF YOU READ ON IT TALKS ABOUT VERY INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT LASERS.


Interesting facts you have to know.

This paragraph is about some interesting facts about lasers.  A laser can be very useful one of the ways is helping some human’s eyes.  These doctors use lasers for surgery to help people who have eye problems.  The doctors use lasers to help people see a little bit better.  For example, the doctors teach other people to do the eye surgery that is one of the reasons why lasers can be useful but they still are very dangerous in many ways.  A laser can be useful to humans for example some doctors and nurse’s use them for surgery like I said in the other paragraph.  Other people put them in machines like the


printer and the laser fax machine.

Lasers are very important to lots of people that use them.  I hope you are satisfied with my report so far, but on the other hand there is still some more you do not know, so keep reading if you dare to read the rest because there is still more waiting for you. Lasers can be very helpful in many ways but they are still very dangerous. 

Lasers are still around today and are still very helpful in lots of ways. One of the ways they are not helpful is by being very dangerous to humans.

What you just read was the beginning and the middle, so keep reading and find out cool things at the end!

There are many interesting things about lasers so keep reading to find out more!  You read two thirds of it so read the last third now.



 YOU READ THE BEGINNING THEN THE MIDDLE and LAST BUT NOT LEAST YOU READ THE END. NOW IT IS TIME FOR A CONCLUSION.   In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed learning about lasers.  I know I enjoyed learning about anything you learned.  Always remember something you learned from this report and I hope you learned some thing new that you were looking for. Thank you for reading my 4th grader laser report.  I told you that you wouldn’t regret it!  I hope you are satisfied with my report if you are not it is not my fault it is just my report, but if you were or still are then thank you very much for reading my report.  I bet you enjoyed my 4th grade report on lasers.