Cell Phone Amusement


Imagine you are lost in the middle of no where you don’t have any food or water you are dying of thirst and then you remember you have a cell phone in your pocket smile and pull it out call a family member or friend and they come to pick you up and when they get there they give you food and water, and you get to go home.

My report will cover three interesting ideas. First, I will

Write about what a cell phone is and what a cell phone does.  Next, I will cover the invention. Then I will write about what kind of signals a cell phone uses

Don’t think you can walk away now read on and find out more about cell phones.

What it is

Cell pones rock!  This paragraph is about what cell phones are.

A cell phone is a thing that looks like a small hand held.

A cell phone is like a PDA it stores things like a pda but it is smaller than a PDA and it is not a PDA.

The Invention

The invention this paragraph is about the invention

Matthew rod board invented the cell phone when he was 87 years old.

 what signals does it use

What signals does a cell phone use this paragraph is about what signals a cell phone uses

Radio signals are signals that a cell phone uses.


In conclusion, I really hoe you liked it.

And thank you for reading my cell phone report. By ashli Kristen hollowell.