The great facts on digital cameras

By 4th


Are you tired of buying film? Well here is a great way to not have to buy film. Buy a Digital Camera. My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what digital camera is and what digital camera does.  Next, I will cover what it uses instead of film.  Then I will write about how many. If you don’t want to buy film any more then read on.

What it is 

The digital camera is a camera that instead of film it uses electricity. The reason they invented digital cameras is so we didn’t have to buy film.

What it uses instead of film.

This paragraph is about what digital camera use instead of film. Keith Ferrell said they use electricity witch makes it so we don’t have to buy film.

How many Pixels it can cache.

This is about digital cameras and what they are. The digital camera is a camera that doesn’t use film and it can captor 20 MILLON pixels in 1time Keith Ferrell said it could catch 20 MILLON pixels


As I come to a close I hope you in joyed it.  I hope you enjoyed learning about digital cameras.  I know I enjoyed learning about how many pixels it could catch.  Always remember what it uses instead of film.  Thanks for reading my report.