The Best Report On Robots!!

By A smart 4th grader


Have you ever seen movies with Robots and they do all those amazing things. We’ll not all of the things they can do aren’t true but, I will tell you about what they can do! My report will cover four interesting ideas.  First, I will write How much they cost   Then I will write about How much they are like humens. Finally, I will end with what they do this is a very cool report you should read this if you wan’t to learn about Robots

What it is

Robots are really amazing they can do lots of things

A robot is a machine that operates automatically.  Or, it can be operated by controls.  They

are quite expensive (some are $33,000), so you better look at the price tag. World Book said,

Robots can be programmed to be like humans, but to do it; the inventors have to try really really hard.


How much do Robots cost??

Robots cost 33,000 dollars and that is a lot of money to pay for!!!

What They Do???

It is really cool they weild cars and do mining can go on and on and on!

Software: Microsoft OfficeWhat’s the difference between humans and robots


World Book said, that they try to make Robots just like Humans well they do it the best they can but they can have emotions


In conclusion, Robots are so cool they can do a lot of stuff it is amazing even if they are little simple jobs it still counts…I hope you enjoyed learning about Robots.  I know I enjoyed learning about.  That Robots coat a lot of money so don’t buy one “if you are not rich”