By a smart 4th grader



 If you think that you are bored well get your parents to get you a video game, you don’t have to be bored, just get a simple little video game, you would never hear the word bored from your mouth again, unless you get into trouble and you say you are bored. Get one for you, and you’ll never go bored again, and when you’re not bored your problems will go away forever, well I think they would go away forever, I don’t know. Get one. I think you will love what video games do for you. My report will cover three interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what a video game is and what they do.  Next, I will cover how video games were invented?  Then I will write about why they were invented?

 You will like what I say about video games and who invented it, and why was it invented. You could learn more about video games in a book or something but this is the information I will give you.

 What a video game is and what video games do.

 This topic is going to tell you what is a video game and what it does.

 A video game is something that will save your life of bored ness and you will never be bored, well in less you play it every day and you think that it’s getting boring. Mary bells said

  “If we didn't have video games then we will suffer of bored ness of life and we wouldn't have any fun. But thanks to William Higinbotham, he created the first video ever since 1958. Thanks to him we aren't bored at home doing nothing. That's all.”

 How it works

 This paragraph is about how the video games works.

 Video games work like this, you plug in the plugs and then you push the big red button. Why were video games invented?

 This paragraph is about why was video games invented.

If you want to know who invented the first video game invented you came to the right places. Conclusion

        In conclusion, I hope you want a video game now!

 I hope you enjoyed learning about video games.  I know I enjoyed learning about how video games were invented and who invented it.  Always remember video games are the only hope of saving your life with bored ness and who was the first person that invented the video games.

 I hope you liked the report, but now I got to close up for the night. Thank you for reading the report.