The cool things about cell phones

By  a smart forth grader


Attention, authorized personnel!  How would you like it if you could call from just about anywhere in your city? My report will cover two interesting ideas.  First, I will write about what cell phones are and what they do.  Next, I will cover what a cell phone is.  Then I will write about how they work.  Finally, I will end with how cell phones get all their Information. If you don’t like calling from your house every call then get a cell phone

   Something I Learned


A Cell phone is a portable phone 

You can call people without carrying big extension cords

Matolak, David W. said

So incase of emergences you have a phone Cell phone

 You have a phone Cell phone. A cell phone has a memory chip in the back of the phone with out it the cell phone won’t work 

how they work

Cell phone

Cell phones can call from just about anywhere

Well you know that memory chip I told you about well that’s the phones brain.


In conclusion people can call with out disturbing

People I hope you enjoyed learning about cell phones.  I know I enjoyed learning about how they work.  Always remember you and your cell phone can be a friend to you.

Thanks you for reading my report