Missile Report – BOOM!

By Nitrox


If you have never heard of the power of the deadly and awful Missile, then get out of the museum exhibit that you have been sitting in for 50,000,000 years. Now, say please and I will tell you about the exiting (and some times deafening) missiles!  You think that missiles explode because of chemical reactions, but most don’t do it that way.  Do you want to know about radio-controlled missiles?  How big a missile is?  What they are made of?  Then just say “please” and we will get this show on the road!  Help! I’m dying!

What is a missile? (Duh.)

How fast are missiles, you may be asking?  You see, the bigger the missile, the bigger the explosion, the slower it is.  Small missiles, such as Hydra, are really fast, some over 200 miles per hour!  But Hydra’s don’t pack that big of a punch.  Now, according to the Webmaster of FAS, the hydra pacts a pretty penny worth of parts, and what good they do!  Now, the missiles called Swatter’s are really slow, in small-missile standards, but really knock anyone out of the field that actually hits.

How BIG Is An Explosion From A Missile?  Well, it all depends how much speed or the size or even the shape.  I will explain the speed thing in the next paragraph, but if you have a triangle for a missile, it will probably catch to much air, and we don’t want it landing with a graceful flutter, do we?

You are probably wondering what causes an explosion.  Remember from the beginning, how missiles get most of their power from how fast the impact is.  You know how fast a missile will go?  Because according to Wikipeidia, “the starstreak missile moves at mach 3.5 at second stage burnout”.  I figure that means about 3.5 miles in a second.  But it is just a thought…sniff…if you don’t want to, to, to, to…sniff…gotcha!  But still, keep reading.

If you want a remote control car for your birthday or Christmas, think of that no more!  Missiles can be controlled from anywhere in the world with the help of radio waves.  So, imagine what the possibilities are of bombing people around the world!  According to the maker of FAS, There are lots of radio-controlled missiles.


 How do missiles work?

What are missiles made of, lava? No, actually it is made of a variety of things, and a bit of the time, there are special chemicals.  They are usually made of special metal and have a history of being big, small, in the middle, or just plain huge!

The standard size missile is something of something or other.   They are usually






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