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This report is all about a special piece of technology called the Missile.  In this report you will learn about the tactics of a missile, and how they lift off.   Haven’t you ever wanted to learn about the different tracking systems of the missile?  Do they use GPS?  Then I will show you different kinds of missiles and what they do.  This is a great report.  Hope you enjoy.

What it is and Comparisons

Missiles are very interesting.  According to Marshall Brain, it is an explosive that is very dangerous and can be shot.  They are shot from boats, submarines, and even from land.  They also have at least 6 different parts.  The six different parts are: 1. Turbofan engine.  2. The fuel tank.  3. Air intake.  4. A huge bomb.  5. DSMAC.  6.  And finally a Tercom.  All of these things make the perfect missile                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Comparing to Rockets.  According to Marshall Brain, the only difference from a rocket to a missile is that they are very difficult to aim, and the different jobs.  But the missiles are lots more accurate.  They can hit a target the size of a car garage going more than 1,000 miles per hour.

Patriot Missiles.  There are lots of different missiles.  Like the “Patriot.”  According to Marshall Brain, A patriot missile has a special job.  Its job is to locate incoming missiles and go and destroy them.  It would be a hard job.   

Sidewinders.   According to Marshall Brain, a sidewinder is a “short range missile,” But not to hit buildings.  Like the Patriot missile the sidewinder finds and destroys enemy missiles.  It is so similar to the patriot.  The only difference is that one is short range and one is long.

Cruise missile.  Cruise missiles are fascinating.  According to Marshall Brain, The cruise missile is a missile that carries heavy bombs and goes to hit buildings or other enemy bases.  But they cost a ton.  They cost $500,000 to 1,000,000 dollars.  That is a ton of money.  But they weigh 3,000 lbs. plus.  Plus the bomb is a third of the weight of the missile.  So the bomb ends up being 1,000 lbs., Sometimes a ton more. 

 How it works

Guidance.  According to Marshall Brain, the guidance of a missile uses the GPS system.  The GPS is a device that shows location.  It shows the targets location.  They also use a Radar system.  The Radar system uses a series of different locator sensors to find were it is and how fast it is going.  The missiles use this to determine were the target will be by the time the missile gets there.  That is how the follow missiles work.

Heat sensors.   According to Marshall Brain, some missiles seek out the heat of the object or target it is trying to hit.  The heat usually means that the engine is right there, because the engine is what gives off the heat.  So if you hit the engine the whole thing is going to blow up.  So that would be a good thing to have on a missile.


Launchers.  According to Marshall Brain, Missiles should have at least 16 launchers.  Launchers are what help the missile lift off.  It shoots it really high, and really fast.  The electricity hits the launchers and then they ignite like a rocket.  That helps a ton.



Improvements.  According to Marshall Brain, improvements have been huge on missiles.  They solved the problem of having the risk of flying over the enemy base and getting shot down while trying to drop a bomb.  So now they can shoot from over 50 or plus miles.  They can shoot as far as they want.

Invented.  According to Wikipedia, the missile was probably first fired or invented between 1931 and 1900.  They do not know the exact date because they were developing it over lots and lots of years.  But the first missile don’t even compare to the ones we have now.

Topic Sentence. 

Topic Sentence.  


Now you have learned what missiles are, how they work, and the history.  You have also learned that missiles are very, very cool, plus that they have jobs to protect us.  They are a huge help to the military.  You have learned that they use GPS and how they lift off.  Then you learned of three different kinds of missiles.  Like Sidewinder, Patriot and the impressive cruise missile.  Hope you enjoyed.











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