Fax Machines

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Do you think a fax machine can be anything besides a fax machine? If you want to find out keep reading. In this report you will earn what it is, its history, and some interesting facts.

How It Works

This paragraph is about what it does. A fax machine sends papers through the phone line to another fax machine.

This is a paragraph about how it works. It has a sensor that reads the paper. It sends the pattern through the phone line to another fax machine. Marshall Brain says, ŇAt the receiving end, there is a mechanism that marks the paper with black dots.Ó Fax machines then print them. ThatŐs how a fax machine faxes stuff.


This paragraph is about who invented it, when it was invented, and about why it was invented. Marshall Brain says Alexander Bain invented it in 1843, but it didnŐt become common until 1980. It was invented to send papers without mailing them.

This paragraph is about the early designs for fax machines.  The early designs involved a rotating drum. They also used thermal paper so they didnŐt have to buy ink for their printer

Facts about fax machines

This is a paragraph about what a fax machine can do besides fax papers. A fax machine can be a VoIP, IPTV, HDTV, dual boot Linux and Windows, DVD player, 5.1 Dolby Sound, USB 2.0.  

This paragraph is a about fax machines facts. It's known as a CCITT (ITU-T) Group 3 Facsimile machine. Marshall Brain says you canŐt do business without one. They cost about $99.99, but with a rebate itŐs about $89.99.


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Brain, Marshall

How Fax machines work

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