By Charles Talaban Roberto II


According to wikipedia it took about one and a half years to create HDTV.  The reason they made HDTV was cause people wanted something clearer than regular TV. So the inventers made their wish come true by creating HDTV (high definition television). In my report you will learn about the history, buying, what it is and does. I hope you enjoy my report!!!!!!!!


LetŐs begin with the invention of HDTV.  According to Wikipedia, HDTV was invented in 1988. One of the interesting facts that I found out is not just one person invented the high definition television, but multiple people working together with their skills that they have to make it.

Usage and buying

Were you ever wondering if you would want to buy Dolby true HD? Well if you would like a very clear sound this is probably one of the things you would like to invest in.

Have you ever wanted to have HD on your Xbox? According to xbox.com, you can. With a special box that you can buy (200$) what this will do is make your games and movies clearer!

To use HDTV you will need some special things.  According to Digital Canada 2006, you will need either satellite or cable and an HD box and an HDTV set on HDTV.  They make

HDTVŐs, though, that already have the HD box built in.  Mr. Welch has an HDTV-ready TV.  That means he has to go buy the box if he wants true high-definition.

Have you ever wondered if Dolby true HD well it will in the sound department? Dolby true HD is special cause it has a very clear sound!

There are many stores or websites that sell and give you info about HDTV and there will probably be HDTV that you can buy


What it is or does

Are you still questioning what HDTV is? It is an acronym for High Definition television. High definition is just a really clear, clear TV.

HDTV works by using pixels. Have you wondered what the I or the p is after like 1080 or 720?it means that there are 1080 pixels every inch. So that means that bigger the number is the clearer it is. So if there is 20000,0000000000i that would probably be like real life.

Can it improve?

can It work on different things beside tv?


In conclusion I hope you like to learn about HDTV. I hope that know you know a little about the history of HDTV and how it works and what it is.





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