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If you are a person who really likes cars then read my report, you will find something so cool about Hybrid Cars. Have you ever wanted to know some really cool things about hybrid cars? If you asked a question and somebody does not know about it well I do know about it! When I was learning about hybrid car I thought this is so weird then till today I learned something that surprised me when I learned it.  For example, you will learn how it works and what it is.  I will share the history with you.  Finally, you will learn some interesting facts.

How it works and what it is.

What is a hybrid car? A car with a gasoline engine and an electric motor, each of which can propel it.  In other words, it is a car that will go itself by using gasoline engine and an electric motor. It means to stop pollution.

What is so cool about hybrid cars? One cool thing according to the internet hybrid cars is unlike electric cars a hybrid car will recharge its self and you donŐt have to plug it into an outlet but a normal car you have to plug it into an outlet and some people donŐt like doing that they just like when it will do itself so they donŐt have to do it isnŐt that cool?


How much is gas today? Today for a normal car it is about  $3.00 a gallon but for a hybrid car it is about a little more because  a hybrid car it uses more gas.

Why do we use Hybrid Cars? We use hybrid cars because Hybrid cars stop pollution!

Who invented hybrid Car? we donŐt know his first name but all we know according to the internet the guy who invented hybrid car in 1902 his name is Mr.Woods.

Interesting facts about Hybrid cars

The first earlier hybrid cars.  The first hybrid cars are boats with sails and oars





How Things Word:Hybrid Cars

25 April,2007

They spend more money on gass then a normal car they spend up to thirty or fourty dollars. They electric motor usesenergy to generate a little electricitiy.






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3 May,2007

it tells about what a hybrid car can do and what it means and what a hybrid car is "it stops polution".





The History of Electric Cars

3 May, 2007

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