Cell Phones

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This report is all about a special piece of technology called Cell Phones.  According to how stuff works, a Cell Phones are packed with valuable stuff such as copper, gold, platinum and, silver. A Cell Phone can be good or bad, but mostly good. IÕm going to talk about the history, problems with the cell phones, how it works, and what it is.

 What it is or dose

How many different kinds of cell phones are there? There are millions and millions of different kinds of cell phones according to virizon wireless.  From tiny razors to really old phones that we could hardly recognize it as a cell phone.

What is a cell phone? Well it is a gadget that is able to transmit your voice to other phones with out any weirs, according to Wikipedia.  It has saves many lives and is a powerful technology that will improve very quickly. 

 How it works

How does it work? According to how stuff works, a cell phone is a piece if technology that sends a radio frequency that transmits your voice from one place to another.  The way it works is it uses the radio by sending the frequencies to different Masts (the cell phone towers.) that change your radio frequencies to your real voice. 

Can cell phones work under water?  Yes there is a prototype that can work under water.  With a bigger screen which makes it perfect for divers and fishermen.

Is there going to be an improvement in cell phones?

Yes there is going to be much more the cell phone is going to be able to do.  Right now there is already tons of stuff you can do with your cell phone like your cell phone can be your I-pod and your camera and your GPS and your PDA and your T.V and even your computer, that means you have the internet at the tip of your fingers.


Who invented the cell phone? A man named Marvin Harrison He invented just a couple days before his competition.  The first call on a cell phone was calling his competitors and telling them that he was the first person to use a cell phone.   

Did you know there is a cell phone symphony?  Yes there was according to how itÕs made there was a very unusual intro and a interesting end. 

Cell phones are decreasing bee population by 60%? Yes the bees by the masts are decreasing  by 60%. 

Topic Sentence. 

Topic Sentence. 


My conclusion is that cell phones are good and bad.  



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