Hybrid Car


Ever wondered who made the first hybrid car? Ever wondered what the first hybrid car released to the public was? If you wonder what a hybrid car is altogether, youŐll find out in this report. In this report, you will learn what a hybrid vehicle is, the history, and its uses.

What a hybrid vehicle is.

Hybrid vehicles are awesome. Hybrid vehicles get their power from multiple sources. Like a hybrid car. Hybrid cars get their power from gasoline and electricity. There are also hybrid submarines and other hybrid vehicles (wikipedia/ my dad)

Why do they make hybrids? They make hybrids to conserve fuel and to reduce pollution.   

History of the Hybrid Car

The first hybrid car was made in 1999. The first hybrid car was the Toyota prius. Even though, some think that a man named victor Woulk in 1974 made the first one, which supposedly sipped only half the fuel of all other cars on the road.  (Wikipedia)

The first hybrid vehicle is another story.  The first hybrid vehicle was a Greek/Phoenician Trireme. It used oars and sails. (Wikipedia)

Hybrid cars have improved.  Now they go faster, get better mileage, and now the gas engine can shut off completely and let electricity take over. (Wikipedia)

Gas is pricey. With high gas prices people canŐt afford to drive much. ThatŐs were hybrids come in. They take less gas than normal cars. They seem pricey at first but theyŐll save you money in the long run.     (Wikipedia)

Use of hybrid cars

Hybrids help the world. Hybrid cars only produce 90% as much smog as normal cars. (Wikipedia)

Hybrid cars recharge as you drive. When you use the gas engine the electric motor recharges with the friction between the tires and the ground. Some hybrids you can plug in as well. So plug in hybrids can recharge by driving and by plug-in.    (Wikipedia)


In conclusion, a hybrid car is as type of car that runs on gas and electricity. They save you time at the gas pump, and money filling the gas tank. In the process they even help the environment.

Special Thanks to www.wikipedia.com for my info 





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