Hybrid Vehicles

By Zattack


Do you know when the first hybrid vehicle was? IÕll give you a hint itÕs not a car.  If you want to know, then read.  And please donÕt skim for the answer J. Who knows you might like some things in here.  This may even get you to change to a Hybrid car such asÉ well I donÕt wanna tell you, so find out your self.  In this IÕll teach you the history of the hybrid vehicles, what a hybrid vehicle is and much more.

What is a Hybrid Vehicle and what does it do?

A Hybrid Vehicle is a vehicle that has 2 power sources.   Wikipedia says, a submarine is a good example of a Hybrid Vehicle; also most submarines have either diesel/electric or nuclear/electric.  Cars on the other hand also sometimes have diesel/electric but the car sometimes also can have fuel/electric.  

What does the newer hybrid cars have? Julia Layton and Karim Nice (How stuff works) say, the new hybrids the Honda Insite and the Toyota Prius are the some of the newest hybrids.  The Insite has an 8year\80,000 mile warranty and the Prius has an 8year\100,000 mile warranty. 

What are the advantages of having a hybrid car? How Stuff Works also says, hybrid cars help the environment. Because with strait fuel cars, you have to fill a huge gas tank full, but you just have to fill a small fuel tank.  Plus there better than electric cars, from what I herd electric cars take a while till they get going fast.

Newer vehicles

Which got better mileage the Insite or Prius?  The Prius because its smaller and has less air drag.  DonÕt be fooled an Insite may have less mileage but it got more seats.   

What speed does the PriusÕs gas motor kick in? Its like at: 30-40mph.  After that itÕs just fuel and some electricity.  I ainÕt got any idea how long it takes to reach that fast.

How much horsepower does the electric motor in the Insite have?  About 13 horsepower give or take. 

Advancements in hybrid Technology

The original hybrids were the Greek \ Phoenician war ships. They were known, as triremes. They used a combo of sails and oars. Another Hybrid vehicle is the submarine.  Which usually has nuclear \ electric power but also can have Diesel \ Electric.



Well as you can probably tell a Hybrid vehicle is something that uses 2 power sources, like the submarine and the car.  And donÕt forget the Trireme.







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