General Grevous video games research

By General Grevous


Skateboarding is fun.  I personally love skateboarding.  But, what about those people who are not as talented as I am (just kidding, but you get the point). How can un-talented people have the thrill of skateboarding?  They can use a modern piece of technology that allows them to ŇskateboardÓ without really skateboarding (Tony Hawk Pro Skater4) My technology is video games and they were made for entertainment and solved the problem of being bored.  I will teach you about the history, how they work, and how they are used.

History or future of the video game

This paragraph is about the very first video game console.  According to, Ralph H. Baer invented the video game. The very first video game console was the magnum.  It was a little wooden box with two controllers.  The very first video game on the magnum was ping-pong.  It took them more than 20 tries to get it right. Ralph did not record the year and doesnŐt remember the year.  However, I figured out from Marshall Brain that the year is 1964. Some people still have the magnum and ping pong. 

This paragraph is about improving video games. According to Marshall Brain, we could improve video games with better graphics and animations and stuff like that.  Actually, we have improved the video game with better graphics and faster control.  For example, on the first X-Box you could play PSI-Ops or Chronicles of Riddick.  They were okay, but not as good as Halo 3, which can only be played on X-Box 360. 



How video games work?

There is a needle like thing that scrapes along the bottom of the video game and it puts images on your T.V. screen. 

The machine inside the game console makes the needle thing go around.

The video game inside the console has little ity bity pictures on it that go onto your screen.

The controller of the console is hooked to the console unless itŐs a cordless controller kind of like a cordless phone.



They had to try the video game more than 15 times before it actually worked.


This paragraph is about one of the best consoles.  According to, people say that the Nintendo Wii is the best video game console because its fan is huge and you can play it way longer than any other console. The fan keeps the console cool, so that it doesnŐt overheat.  The Nintendo Wii is also the most fun because of all the sports and stuff.  People like the Nintendo Wii better because of the sports.  Some people like the X-box better because they are crazy. What would you buy X-box or Nintendo Wii? 





So, remember the skateboarding example I did earlier?  Well, you can do so much more with video games than just skateboarding.  You can go to war, racecars, and do tricks with motorcycles.  I hope you have enjoyed learning about history and future, how they work, and their usage.





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