By Schminkledorf McFartsleking


How would you like to have an item that can detect where you are and how fast youŐre going without having to use satellites? Well, there is one. The RADAR. If you want to know how fast your dad is speeding in his sports car, you need RADAR.  If you want to know how fast you can pitch a baseball, you need RADAR. If you want to know all this and more, read this report.  YouŐll learn about RADARŐs history, future, how it works, where it is used and even know where to buy one!

History or Future

An interesting person invented the RADAR. According to Wikipedia, Watson-Watt, a Scottish physicist, first created the concept of RADAR in the 1930Ős. He invented it to locate submarines. I guess that was a problem those days. According to Wikipedia, in 1932, Allen B. DuMont created the Ňship finderÓ for the United States Army Signal Corps.

Do you know how RADAR can be improved? According to Road Map Productions, RADAR is going to be improved by the Air Force in the near future. It will be called the Future Space Based RADAR. Maybe that will improve the RadarŐs accuracy, which is a problem, as you will find out later in my report.     

How It Works

Do you want to know how they work? According to Wikipedia, RADAR transmitters emit electromagnetic radio signals to a RADAR receiver. The receiver then sends weak signals back to the transmitter. Even though the signal is weak, it can be easily amplified.

Radars can malfunction. According to Ibiblio, Radars mess up frequently. They say that, ŇIt is unfortunate because Radars mess up. A lot.Ó DonŐt always trust RADAR!!! It can make mistakes.


Several different types of people use RADAR.  The military, police, and even civilians use it. Usually, you wouldnŐt find one in a familyŐs house but you never know! Some people like to have them.

You may want to know why you need one. It can tell how fast something is going, itŐs altitude, and where it is. Almost like an advanced GPS.  ItŐs got to be nice to have one to see how fast things are going or where they are.


You can buy RADAR devices from various places. The main places to by RADAR detectors are on the Internet. A good place to get one is RADARBusters.com. If you donŐt like those, you can find a RADAR device on your own. All you have to do is Google search ŇRadar DetectorÓ.

Do you want to know where you can buy one? If you just want a cheap RADAR detector, you might want to buy a Bel Vector 940. However, if you have enough money, you may want to buy a Bel Pro RX75 Plus Concealed. That one is pretty fancy.


In conclusion, IŐd like to say thanks for reading my report. YouŐre finished! You read it all. I hope you learned more then you did before about RADAR. Well, what are you doing still reading this! Go on! Get of you chair and go get your RADAR.