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What is PDA?  That is the question that is shocking the nation and if you want to find out then read this.  You go to your favorite restaurant and you forget to go to your friend’s birthday.  Well, the PDA will remind you everything you probably forget all the time.  And if that still isn’t enough for you then you should know the PDA isn’t just a daily organizer, also now it has new modern technology and did you get amazed when the PDA could just hold a bit of information and what does turning wood into PDA mean.  This report will be right thing to read as a bedtime story.  Oh, and do want to know how much the most expensive PDA is and how teeny the PDA can get, then this is the report for you!

What is it and what does it do

What does PDA do and what does PDA stand for?  Some things that the PDA can do are fantastic and what it does.  PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and some other things.  PDA acts as a daily planner or schedule that you would use to keep your life organize.  It also can have a GPS (Global Positioning System) that is like an electronic map, a phone and much more.  According to DelK4569, “A PDA stands for Personal Digital Assistant and it acts as a daily organizer or schedule.”  That is all that I mostly know about PDA and it is pretty good.

   What did PDA solve and how did it fascinate the world?  PDA’s solved many problems and helped many people.  PDA made it possible for students and working people to keep their lives much easier and much organized.  According to How Stuff Works person Carrmen Carmack, “The main purpose of a personal digital assistant (PDA) is to act as an electronic organizer or day planner that is portable, easy to use and capable of sharing information with your PC.”  It could hold a lot of data and act as a daily planner or schedule.  The PDA was a wonderful invention that changed the world and my life.

How does the PDA look like and how accurate is it? PDA has many different appearances and the accuracy has improved.  The PDA looks like a cellular that has a keyboard on it and the screen takes up ¼ of the PDA.  If you still don’t know how it looks like then this picture will really help (picture at the end of the report).   That was the last of my what it is and what it does.


Who, when and why was the PDA invented? This invention helped make lives much easier and less complicated.  The first PDA to be introduced was the Psion 1 by Palm Pilot, which they introduced in 1984.  The Pison 1 can be considered the to be the first PDA.  It allowed you to keep a schedule on a calendar.  Apple introduced the next PDA in 1993 to help organize lives.  According to Wikipedia “Personal digital assistants (PDAs) are handheld computers that were originally designed as personal organizers, but became much more versatile over the years. PDAs are also known as pocket computers or palmtop computers. PDAs have many uses: calculation, use as a clock and calendar, playing computer games, accessing the Internet, sending and receiving E-mails, video recording, typewriting and word processing, use as an address book, making and writing on spreadsheets, use as a radio or stereo, and Global Positioning System (GPS).”  It was like a schedule that told what you were going to do and at what time.  College students and kids that were in school used this invention more often since it could remind them what they had to study for or turn in at school.  If I could I would get a PDA to help me in school, but for right now I just use a piece of paper that helps me stay a bit organized.

How will the PDA be in the future?  The PDA will be much better and have many more accessories.  According to Wikipedia newer PDAs also will have both color screens and audio capabilities, enabling them to be used as mobile phones (smart phones), web browsers, or portable media players. Many PDAs can access the Internet, intranets or extranets via Wi-Fi, or Wireless Wide-Area Networks (WWANs). One of the most significant PDA characteristics is the presence of a touch screen.   The PDA will have many more new inventions like the new Ipod video, a much better hard drive, and many more inventions.  The PDA will change the world in the future.  The PDA now has a cellular and GPS right now but imagine the PDA turning into something much more powerful and with new surprises.  In the future I want to get a new and improved PDA!

How has the PDA improved?  The PDA has improved in many different ways.  One of the ways it has improved is in it holding much more data or information.   It also has a GPS and a cellular (cellphone) that makes the PDA much more special.  It also has much better handwriting because the first PDA that came out had horrible handwriting and you could not figure out what it was or what it read.  Gladly the PDA has improved a lot and more people are buying it more.  That was the last of my History part. 



Interesting facts about PDA

How small is the smallest PDA?  The smallest PDA ever is as small as two quarters.  The smallest PDA ever was made by Xicom Rex, which they introduced by Franklin Electronic Publishers.  Then Intel bought the smallest PDA.  It is only 40 grams and if you put it in your pocket it will probably get lost in your pocket!  This PDA looks like it will never lose its record for the smallest PDA ever!  

What is the most expensive PDA ever?  The most expensive PDA ever almost cost the same as a computer!  The most expensive PDA costs  $1050!  That is a lot of money to pay just for 1 PDA.  This PDA comes with much more accessories that make it very awesome.  Some accessories are the GPS, Cellphone, and the MP3 or Ipod.  This PDA will be the perfect thing to have but you should save up a lot of money to get it or mow a lot of lawns.  If I had a lot of money I would buy it.

What does woodturning into PDA mean?  Wood turning into PDA means that Jeff Hawkins used it as an inspiration.  A block of wood to me would inspire me to build a fire but not a modern PDA.  He got inspired and shaped and carved it on the block of would and then it made the creator of PDA create the PDA.  Eventually it turned into a modern technology that I am making a report of right now.

What are some accessories the PDA has?  Some accessories you have been hearing in my report are only some of them.   The cellular (cellphone) is something you would probably want to use everyday.  Well, the PDA will get you it if you by one that comes with it.  Also it can have many other accessories.  For example, it can have the GPS, clock calendar, computer, touch screens, music, internet, address book, email, games, and many more!  As you can see it has many other things that makes it the best gadget ever made!



Why do people use it?  People use it to keep their lives much more organized.  If I had one it would help me a lot in school and it would help other people just like you!  According to Wikipedia, PDA’s help people in so many ways.  People use most when they are in school or college.  That means that many people who want to get an A in school should probably help them.  It helps them by reminding them that they need to do this by keeping a schedule you would probably use everyday.  This invention will be the one that everybody will use in the future.

How does it work? The PDA has almost every detail that the computer has.  It also has internet.  It has a CPU or brain and it has a hard drive that stores all the information that you have written in it.  According to Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd the PDA works almost the same as a computer.  Now you know how the PDA wrks.



In conclusion, you might think of PDA another simple piece of technology.  All these paragraphs have told you all about PDA.  If you still don’t know anything about PDA then you need to go to the eye doctor.  This was a sneak peak at the amazing world of PDA!  







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