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Have you ever seen two identical cars that look exactly the same and one of them could go 60 mph and the other can go 420?  Well that is the difference between a DVD and a CD.  Are you sick of rewinding tapes and having them melt in the sun? Well now you can get a DVD that you donŐt need to rewind and it doesnŐt melt in the sun.  How can so much information be on such a small disk? I am going to teach you about the history of DVD, what is and about buying it, things that will surprise you.


The person or company who invented DVD is from Japan.  According to Wikipedia, the people mainly responsible for inventing DVD are Matshusita.  It started getting popular in about 1980 according to about.com.

      Where did the first DVD players come from? According to Mary Bellis they came from Japan.  When was DVD invented?  DVD was invented in 1995 according to Mary Bellis.

What is it?

What is DVD?   DVD is a disk to hold videos or games.

What does DVD stand for?  Actually DVD doesnŐt have a specific meaning.  The inventors of it were trying to decide between two different names which are digital video disk and digital versil disk.

What does it look like?  All it is, is a simple four and a half inch in diameter long disk that is about 1-2 millimeters tall.  One side has a label to right down the content of the disk and the other side is a shiny side that has all of the information on it.


How much does a normal DVD cost if you were to go to a store.  Actually it depends, if you are buying blank ones they are pretty inexpensive, but if you buy a movie than I can range 5 dollars- 25 dollars.  When you are buying a videogame it costs about 40 dollars.

Places that sell them are usually software places.  For example you can buy them at Circuit City or Best Buy.  Do DVDs come in packs?  Yes they do.  They come in packs of about thirty or more. 


       So now you should now about DVD.  I have told you about the history of DVD, what it is and about buying it.  So now when you are at the store looking for something to buy and you walk past something called a DVD you know what it is.



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