DVD Report

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Have you ever wanted to make a movie or save pictures that you want to keep forever?  Well, you can with an awesome piece of technology you can. This is called a DVD (CD, disk) in this report you will find what it is, how it works, history (like who invented it), and buying one.  So read my report.

What it is or does.

Is the DVD cool? Yes it is according to me you can put movies, music, pictures, memory for you computer and lots more stuff.

What was it made for? It was made for entertainment. The DVD is like babysitter  

What is DVD? According to howstuffworks.com the DVD is like a CD but it not only plays music, it also plays movies. It's able to skip from scene to scene in a split second with out rewinding. The DVD completely outperforms the videotape.  A Single sided DVD holds 133 minutes. WOW! ThatŐs a lot. DVD stands for Digital Video Disks

 How it works.

Are Blue-ray disks better? Yes it is, according to vizmayatech.com the name Blue-ray comes from the technology used, which uses a blue-violet laser to read, write data from the disc. A single layer Blue-ray disc can fit 25 GB of data compared to 4.7GB for a regular DVD, and a double layer can accommodate double of that. Multi layer discs are also planned in the future to increase the storage capacity.

How does it work? According to howstuffworks.com CDs and DVDŐs Work, it works because patterns of bumps on a mirrored surface can be interpreted as bits. These bits can be made into bytes and then played back through a digital converter to create music. A CD can hold about 650 megabytes of information or about 75 minutes of music or videos.

History or future

The invention of the DVD may interest you.  According to Wikianswers.com, Sony and Phillips invented CDs in the late 70s or early 80s.  It was launched in the late 80s. The DVD evolved from the CD. It is a high-density CD. Early proposals were made for it in 1993. There were two competing formats. The combined DVD format was announced in 1995.


Now you know how it works the History and lots more stuff I helps the world to have babysitters.





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