Artificial Hearts

By: Vigo Stiller


If you have a bad heart what are you going to do? Well these paragraphs will help you decide. But before you start reading I have to tell you one more thing. In my report you will learn the history, what it is, the cost, and finally how it works. Now get reading!!


Guess what! You wonÕt believe this, but Robert Jarvik is the inventor of the Jarvik 7! (The Artificial Heart) He tested it on Barney Clark. If it werenÕt for Barney Clark there would be no one on the earth to try out the Artificial Heart. Well, thatÕs according to


And do you know what made Robert so determined to make an Artificial Heart? Well according to Wikipedia his dad was going into surgery and he wanted to help him. This is according to



What it is or does

What is a Artificial Heart? Well according to Wikipedia, the Artificial Heart is a machine that replaces the biological heart to help people with heart cancer. Well according to Wikipedia.  


How much is an Artificial Heart? Well it cost an astonishing $250,000 dollars!! If you want an Artificial Heart you better need it. This is according to how it works.

A How it works

Are you wondering how the Artificial Heart works? Well according to how stuff works there are three holes in the Artificial heart and one of them pumps blood and the next one puts air into the blood.


       So how did you like my report? What was your favorite paragraph? Mine was the cost and usage. Can you believe that an artificial heart cost that much? I think that is a little too much. Well see ya, bye.