By Ninja Turtle


Have you ever wanted to watch TV and actually see the picture clearly? HDTV can solve this menacing problem! It solved many important problems. Has the TV ever gone all fuzzy? This can get very annoying and it makes watching TV almost impossible. Do you ever wonder if it will go away? HDTV can also fix this. During this report I will tell you about the History, How It works, and What HDTV is or Does. There are also some cool pictures at the bottom.



HDTV was invented not too long ago. Actually, the first HDTV started coming out around the 1960s. The first types were being issued around 47 years ago. That is fairly recent!

HDTV was invented for many good reasons. One of which is so you could see a clear, crisp picture on the screen! If it weren’t for HDTV, we would still be watching the same, old, unclear TV.

You would probably be surprised to find out who the idea of HDTV came from. It was actually Thomas Edison who sparked the idea. This happened after he invented the phonograph. According to Free Essays, this opened up the idea of receiving and playing professionally produced entertainment at home. I enjoy having HDTV at my house and let me tell you, it helps A LOT!!!!!

How it works

I bet you wondering if HDTV ever has glitches and such. Well, unfortunately, this sometimes does happen. They can effect the color and pixels of the picture. Sometimes, you can get these little things called mosquitoes. They look like little dots and they make the color go weird. See picture at the bottom.

If this ever does happen, this is a good way to get them fixed. According to Matt Burns, usually if you call your cable company, they will tell you what to do. Otherwise, you can press the menu button and it will get them fixed.

The range on the cost of HDTV is pretty wide. It can be from $500-$2000!!!!! The price on them varies. Usually it comes ,the price of HDTV, with your cable.

There are a couple different ways to get HDTV. First, as I mentioned above usually you can get the offer if you get cable such as Comcast. Otherwise, you can buy it at lots of electronic stores.

HDTV solved some really big problems. Some of these problems are clarity, width, color, contrast, etc.  The really cool thing is you can adjust all these things to whatever setting you want! 

What it is and Does

HDTV stands for High Definition Television. This name explains the point of HDTV. High means big or a lot. Definition means the way you see it or the clarity of something.

Did you know that HDTV is portable? According to Liam McNulty, there is this really cool device called the PQI mPack 600. It is this little portable TV and it has high definition. It also has a 20 GB hard drive. That’s a pretty big hard drive compared to a DVD.

There are numerous ways that HDTV is different than all the other normal TVs.  First of all, it has a better picture over all. Second, you can adjust the features of HDTV. Last, it is available in HDTV and the normal channels!

It depends what channels are accessible on HDTV.  Most of the HDTV channels are movies or the news channels like CBS, Fox 13, NBC etc. Sometimes, you can get normal channels.


In conclusion, HDTV solved many problems and is really cool! Now you know about the history, how it works, and what HDTV is or does. These are the pictures right below.

These are the pictures of the “mosquitoes” and color problems. These are pictures of Jack Bauer from the TV show 24        : )