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Have you ever needed to get somewhere but could not get there in time?  Airplanes are fast, but that does not get you there in time.  Well, ever try a jet?  In this report I will tell you the history of jets, what it is or what it does, how to buy one, and how it works.


First jet.  Wikipedia states that the first jet was made so it could actually fly was made in 1910.  It was named the Coanda-1910.  The Coanda-1910 was invented by a Romanian inventor named Henri Coanda.  Sadly it crashed on its only test flight.  So the fist jet to take off successfully more than once was called the Heinkel He 178.  It was piloted by Erich Warsitz on August 27, 1937.

Future.  In the future they will improve jets to be smoother.  So if you are like me and your pilot was as bumpy as mine was, maybe try it again in another year or two and hopefully it will be smother.  I found this information at Wikipedia. 

What it is or what it does

How fast does a jet go? According to WIkipedia says that most jets go 75 to 85% the speed of sound.  The speed of sound is a function of air temperature and pressure.  Have you ever seen a jet and then heard a really loud boom?  Well that boom means that, that jet went faster than the speed of sound.

How long does it stay in air? Wikipedia states that it is hard to determine how long it can stay in the air, because jet airplanes come in different sizes.  So if one jet is bigger than the other then it will be able to hold different amounts of fuel.  FYI if you are going somewhere far get on a BIG jet. LOL

How many people does it hold?  Wikipedia also states that it is hard to determine how many people a jet holds because of the difference of size.  But, it is most common to hold six people.

Difference between jet and airplane. says that the difference is that a jet goes faster.   Another difference between a jet and a normal airplane is that a normal airplane uses a turbo-prop engine and a jet uses internal fans that use the outside air.


Buying a jet


Where do you buy a jet?  One of the best places to buy a jet is  But, you can buy it other places also.

How much does a jet cost?  The prices are different, but some of the prices we found were 4,500, 2,300, and 1,200.  Keep in mind these prices are for jets that hold 2 to 5 people.




How it works

       How does a jet work?  It is very interesting to know how a jet airplane works.  Wikipedia says that the jet airplanes use internal fans.  These fans pull from the outside air.  Then it takes the outside air to the front of the engine. Wise Geek says, The jet cycle begins when rapidly moving air is sucked into a chamber at the front of the engine, then compressed by a series of blades that move at progressively high power.  That is how a jet airplane works.





In conclusion you might think that a jet airplane is just another airplane but remember it is not.  A jet airplane is much much better.






































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