The Fax Machine

By Zooks G

Do you ever want to not talk on the phone but on the computer no it is not MSN no t is not email it is the fax machine read this interesting report about the fax machine you will learn how it works and how it is improving and even where you can buy them and the history

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The fax machine comes from the Latin word facsimile.  XEROX it weighed between 45 lbs and 50 lbs built the first fax machine in the 70Ős.

The fax machine became popular in the late 80Ős it is mostly sold to offices and sometimes homes.

 They can come in different colors but it mostly comes in gray or black


 There are some kinds of fax machines have basically a doodle pad on it and you can rite on it and it will send the message or you can buy a cord that can plug in to the computer and it will send the message and it will print out to the person you are sending it to if one person has a fax machine and the other person didnŐt and you tried to send the message to the other person with out a fax machine it would not print out on the regular printer so you have to have a fax machine to receive and to send messages




The history of the fax machine is interesting.  The fax machine was first thought of in the late 18 hundreds according to Mary Bellies the man ho had the first idea died right after he had this idea but him beiung dead did not now how big the fax machine will get the first fax machine was made by XEROX it Weighed around 45lbs and 50lbs it was 1965 when the big idea was finally made at first hardly anyone new about but in a couple of years later it got big almost all the offices had one and some homes had it.  According to Mary Bellis, the fax machine is getting a little bit more popular every day.  Fax machine companies get better ideas to fix problems of the fax machine.  They are getting more money, so they can get nicer ones.


I really enjoyed researching the fax machine I realized how cool the fax machine and it can do amazing stuff wit it the end





 Fax machine

26 April, 2007




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History of the Fax Machine & Alexander Bain

1 May, 2007

This tells all about the invention of the fax machine.    Since Alexander Bain invented it, it tells about him a little.  It has a picture.