Metal detector

By Josh Gleed



Have you ever had something that is metal that got lost? This report is all about a special piece of technology called metal detector.  The metal detector is a great piece of technology that can find metal that has been hidden or lost. Just think, “what would this world come to without metal detectors!” I could probably think of 20 ideas why we need it. I will tell you about: how it works its history and information about buying it


The metal detector was invented in 1881.hi

My dad told me, when it was invented they were thinking about the problems they could solve. With this machine they could find metal that is hidden in the ground.




Information about buying

How much can you get a metal detector for?

Google says Most metal detectors are around 700$$ or less. but you can buy one from$20-$1700.

What is it

What is the metal detector? According to wikipedia The metal detector is a machine that can find metal below the ground. It runs on something called VLF that sends electrical serge down a cord and spreads on a coil and then sends a signal out in to the ground. If the signal send back then there is metal, land causes it to beep. If the signal doesn’t send back there is nothing but dirt or something else.


P.S. There is also some metal detectors that can find metal under water. It runs on the same stuff only it is waterproof


In conclusion, you might think of metal detector as some hinkydinkyfoolashoo machine but they are awesome!!! Like the water metal detector and also land too. And how they can be so expensive.