Anti-lock Braking System

By: Carl Von Shwartzenhager


Have you ever SLAMMED on the BRAKES and the car just kept on SLIDING? WellÉthen its time for an ABS!!! The ABS is an awesome invention that has prevented many car crashes and saved many lives. IÕm going to teach you how it works, what it is and how it helps. If you are interested, well then keep reading.

How it works, what it is, and what is it doesÉ

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What does ABS stand for?  IT stands for Anti-lock braking system. The ABS is an invention for cars and prevents the car from sliding when you push on the brakes to fast or when you stop on slippery roads of ice or sleet.

How does this invention help the world? Well it has saved many lives because before the ABS was invented cars would slide on roads and many times the car would flip and cause tons of deaths.

Are they made just for cars? The ABS isnÕt made just for cars, they were actually originally made for airplanes when they land on the runways but they are also made for motorcycles and 4wheelers and of course many types of cars etc. 

How many sensors does it have? The ABS has 4 sensors, one for each wheel, and they sense whether the wheel is speeding up or slowing down and the sensors also allow you to control the car if it skids. 

 Other information

Interesting facts

There are lots of interesting facts about ABS here are some examples. There are 3 hydraulic pump valves in an ABS and what they do isÉwell when the car wheels start to sink or slow down they give them a little booster. (howstuffworks)


The ABS was first made for planes when the land so they donÕt skid. Also there is ABS in many different countries that purchase and use an ABS.

There are many different prices for many different brands. The ABS is a very popular car device and most Americans have one for their car!


Who invented the ABS? Um IÕm not sure who invented the ABS but I know that Gabriella Viosin improved it and made it so you can control the ABS when it is sliding/skidding.

What year was it invented? In 1929 for certain types of planes made by the French and then it was transferred to America.


The first car with ABS, A Mercedes-Benz was the first car to try out the ABS and it didnÕt work the first couple of times but after awhile of trying then it finally worked! 

The first companies to sell and make ABS.  The best company to first sell the ABS was the Chrysler and Benix companies.


In conclusion the ABS is a braking system that helps many lives, and it is an awesome invention and I think everyone should have one!















anti-lock braking system


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25 April 2007


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the ABS was invented in 1930 and the best brands for it are chryler and benix