The Laser

By: Hailin


This report is all about an amazing piece of equipment called the laser.  Did you know that a few printer brands use lasers?  Many things would not work without lasers. Learn more about “What it is”, “What it stands for”, and “Laser History”. Interested? Then keep reading.

What is a laser?

What is a laser?  The laser is a beam of light that goes in a straight line. I don’t think it will hurt you.


What does laser stands for?  According to, most people know the word laser, but they don’t know what it is. What's does laser really stand for?  LASER is a bunch of initial letters that stand for: light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation but that's a bit of a mouthful. So we like the word laser better.

How the laser works

What can the laser do? According to, “In the last few years, Compact Discs (CD’s) have become a common way to record and listen to music. Millions of people use CD Players everyday. You may not realize this, but every CD player has a tiny laser inside which it uses to read music. This music is stored on the CD in the form of digital code on the CD's surface.

When you go to the grocery store these days, the supermarket checkers use laser technology to instantly find the right price and information for your purchases. The pinpoint beam of a laser can focus precisely on a target and make highly delicate incisions.

This new found precision achieved by using lasers has drastically changed modern medicine. High precision operations are now made possible thanks to lasers. Let's take a look at a few examples where lasers are used in various medical procedures.”

       Plus printer brands such as LaserJet use the laser to scan the computer and then copy it.

The laser also used for hair surgery.     


Most people think that lasers are things that are 1,000’s of years from now, but their wrong.

When was the laser thought of? In 1916, Einstein talked about something similar to laser technology.

When was it invented? 1953 was the year the first laser was invented.  N.G. Basov said (, “The first major date is 1916, when Albert Einstein introduced the concept of stimulated emission.
 It took till 1953 to demonstrate stimulated emission experimentally. Gordon, Zeiger and Townes achieved this.
 The researchers used the two lowest vibrational energy levels of ammonia molecules and obtained a very narrow emission line at 12.6 mm, i.e. in the "micro"wave region.
 This is where the name "Maser" comes from.
 Follow-up on the "Maser" finally led to Nobel prizes shared between Townes and the Russians Basov and Prokhorov in 1964.

Who invented it? Gordon invented the laser in 1953. There is a rumor this guy named Theodore invented it though, but who knows.

 Charles Townes, Basov, and Prokhorov got a Nobel Prize in 1964 for the maser. (A thing that helped the laser idea)



In conclusion, you might think of the laser as a device made for many reasons.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about “What the laser is.” “How it works.” and it’s “History”.  Thank you.