Video Games

By Joker­_DeKay


Would you like to baby-sit your kid with box of wires and circuits? Then please welcome…(drum roll) the amazing video games! You can use video games to get your kids to be good for hours on end just by putting them in front of the TV and a box with controllers. In the next few paragraphs you will learn what games to buy your kids, what “boxes” consoles to buy them and the ratings on how to find appropriate games for your friend, child, or yourself!

Popularity and Buying

Do you know what the most popular video game is right now? Well, according to it is the new PokemonDiamond for NintendoDS. Its rating was 9.0 out of 10.0. The most popular game is Legend of Zelda Twighlight Princess. It got a 9.5 out of 10.0 and that is amazing! Diamond is an RPG game where you train animals called pokemon so that you can battle gym leaders, earn money, and become the champ. Twighlight Princess is an adventure type game with plenty of action and zombie stuff. It is for the Wii, and Gamecube. It got a high rating for its graphics, cut scenes, difficulty, and of course what all boys like…the fighting. I have played both these games and I would give them both a 9.9… BUY THESE GAMES FOR TEENS!! They are AWESOME!!



That is a Wii--- 





Do you know your consoles? If you don’t, prepare to learn more than you ever wanted to know. According to the 3 leading consoles are the Xbox360, the NintendoWii, and the PlayStation3. The most popular portable game console is a tie between the PSP and the DSlight. The absolute most popular game console is the Wii. The most expensive game console is the PS3. The PS3 is most likely going to be around $450-$550 according to

How they are made

How do you make a video game?  Well…you first start with your idea. After you know what it will be about you decide how good you want the graphics to be. If you are a beginner you will probably use C++, JAVA, or COOKIE. COOKIE must be used with C++ or JAVA, it cannot be used alone! What programs can you use to make a video game? As I said in the earlier sentences you can use C++, JAVA, and COOKIE. I won’t go into the complicated graphic designing because most of you are probably starters. What is C++? C++ is one of the easiest game designing setups.







What are the video game ratings? The violence ratings range from E3 to M/A. they go up in this order: E3, E, E10, T, M, A. (Everyone3and lower, Everyone, Everyone10 and up, Teen, Mature, Adult.) Most violent video games. The top 3 most violent video games are: 1.ResidentEvil4 2.GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreas 3.God of War. Who plays most violent video games? Well…obviously the boys. The teen boys ages 12-19 play the most violent video games. Why? Because they are boys and they like that stuff. Well…I don’t like ResidentEvil4 or Grand Theft Auto, but I like some violent games.



In conclusion, you might think of video games as a naturally perfect babysitter because of how kids act when using them… you should watch the games your kids play though.





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