By: Eva Monique


Do you ever wonder if there could be a phone with every thing on it? Well IPhone is the phone with that stuff. IPhone is a cool phone and very amazing. There have been many generations of iphones though the year, but in June the new Mac IPhone will be introduced. People a very excited to see the new and improved Iphone. Now come and see what the new Iphone is all about.  In this report you will learn the history, how it works, and all about buying one.


People are excited for the future of IPhones. They also wonder what will happen to ipods? The answer is that they will probable be less than IPhones. Steve Jobs hopes to improve the world of IPhones, and the world of ipods. Iphone has an ipod built in to it that is why it might change the world for ipods.

Steve Jobs is the inventor of the IPhone. He invented it in 2007 and it will be out in June. With the help of Apple Inc Steve jobs invented the Iphone. Steve invented the new Iphone this year and he announced it at the Apple convention.  Steve has helped invent a lot of Apple inventions. Steve helped start Apple Inc and CEO. When Steve invented the first apple computer he was 21 years old, and has been making things ever since.


How it works

This phone is super advanced. This phone as all the things you need. It has things past the original phone. People have been waiting forever for this phone to come out. The old IPhone didnŐt have as many things as the new one.

 Iphone has lots of features. Some of the features are web, email, camera, and more. This is a very amazing phone. It you go to www.apple.com and click on the iphone tab it will take you to a page about iphones and you can take a tour of it. And you can find out when it comes to stores.   

Lots of people have the old iphone. When they see the new on they might want to get it. This phone is very amazing and the people that get it will love it. If they show theyŐre friends they might want one too. Iphone is a cool phone some kids have seen it and are begging theyŐre parents for one. Most people buy theyŐre iphone at a store but it cost less online.  


 Buying IPhones

Lots of iphones have been bought online. Many iphones have been bought. Steve Jobs says they have sold at lets 10 million iphones in a few months. Just imagine in a year how much they have sold. Steve was very surprised him self.  

The prices of iphone are low online but more at stores.  The price for iphones depends on the kind of iphone you want to get. The new iphone cost $100 online. ItŐll probable cost more once it hits stores. The old IPhone cost about 

Many stores are excited to sell iphones.  Iphone will probable be sold at many stores. If you go down by the mall they are planning to build an Apple store. If you go there they will probable have many Apple inventions. 


Now you have learned lots about IPhones I hope you enjoyed learning about it. DonŐt forget to look for the new IPhone in June.    





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