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This report is about an interesting technology called the laser.  When I say laser you think of Star Wars and aliens and War of the Worlds.  A real laser is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Sounds confusing, huh?  But in this interesting report you will find the true meaning of lasers, you will also learn the history of lasers, why the laser was invented, and who can use the laser.  And I hope you donŐt get bored.  HAVE FUN! J (The one and only Jack made this report.  No one in the whole world may copy this report with out contacting the Harris Residence.  At.  Thank you.)


LetŐs begin with the inventor of lasers.  According to Albert Einstein came up with the theory of the laser.  A man named Gordon Gould probably made the first laser  (It is said that two people named Zeiger and Townes helped him make the laser.).  But there is a rumor that a guy named Theodore Maiman made the first laser.J 

This reason Gordon made the laser is becauseÉ  The maser wasnŐt a very good for communicating with satellites and astronauts in space.  Because the maser had trouble reaching the astronauts on the moon.  It was a little far for the maser.J

So Gordon made a better version of the maser called a laser.  It was used a lot more than a maser because the laser was better and more reliable than the older, stranger, slower maser.J 

And lasers are getting better every single day.  Even while we gulp air into are lungs.J



According to the laser was invented to improve communication with satellites in space.J

Because incense space exploration in the U.S. was being increased every day.  The U.S. needed something that could reach farther then the maser, they needed a more functional, trustworthy tech that was better than the tech that they had at that moment.J


Every one now a days can use lasers.  Such as blind people who are hunting.  Here are a couple reasons why people use lasersÉJ

Blind people use lasers to pick out prey.  Because they might mistake you for a deer or something.  So they need lasers so other people who can see, can see were they are shooting.  So if a red laser is on you, you know that some blind guy is mistaking you for his prey.  So a laser is mounted one there gun.  So if a laser was on you.  You know that a person is aiming at you so you better move.J 

Construction companies use real burning hot lasers to cut through granite cement and rock.  So thatŐs why things now days are cut in perfect lines.J


A laser is the technology of the day.  From maser, to the laser, to laser pointers, to dangerously hot lasers for cutting, lasers are the tech of the future.J




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