By: Homer J. Simpson


Have you ever wondered who uses Gas Masks besides humans?  Well I have the answer to your question.  But, you will have to read my report to find out. Read my report to find out more about Gas Masks.  For example, I will teach you what it is or does.  I will teach you how it works.  Then you will learn about its history and usage.

 What it is or does

What is a gas mask? Wikipedia says “a gas mask is a device that protects you from bad gases and chemicals”.  In other words, if a bomb with bad gases lands on your neighbor hood then a gas mask would save your life.

 What does the gas mask look like?

Wikipedia says, “A gas looks like this it is a nozzle that is attached to a mask that has straps behind it.”  In others words if there where bad gases around you know what a gas mask looks like the gas mask would save you from breathing bad gases. 


 How it works   

How does a gas mask work?

Brian Marshall says “ When you breath in the mask there are three filters that out what ever is bad in through three filters that have traps in each filter the first filter’s name is the Aerosol filter,

The next filter’s name is the ASZ charcoal filter, the third and final filter is called the Charcoal filter.” In other words if some body tested you on how the gas mask works then you would get an A



Why was the gas mask invented?

Merry Bellis says “ It was invented to protect people from breathing bad gases or chemicals while workers are working like jobs like coal mining and to be able to walk through smoke, and bad gases.

 Who invented the gas mask?

Merry Bellis says “the gas mask was invented in 1914 by Garret A. Morgan in America.”


Who uses a gas mask? Merry Bellis says  The people who uses gas mask are the military, police, civilians, and some times animals”

Who uses gas mask besides humans?

Merry Bellis says “It is animals likes horses that uses gas mask”. (See my picture that I found on the Internet)




In conclusion, you might think of gas mask as an interesting thing[Review Main Ideas].