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This report is all about a special piece of technology called Radar.  Did you know that without radar that you wouldnÕt know if it would rain or snow tomorrow?  Or that the police wouldnÕt know how fast you car was going and your speed was unsafe?  I will tell you how radar works, like what it is, and other things, the history or future of radar, and the usage or buying.

How it works

Have you ever wondered how radar works, and what noises it makes?  HereÕs how it works according to Wikipedia, there are signals and waves that are sent by radar, the waves are sent and bounced back and forth to the location of the radar/signal.  ÒRadar is a system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify range, altitude, direction and speed of both moving and fixed objects.Ó  The radar is not even close to being loud, the noise radar makes is so soft itÕs like trying to whisper on a busy road.


This paragraph is about radar as a detector, how many types of radar detectors there are, and what they are called.  According to radar busters, radar is used in many different ways, sports and forms.  One of those forms is detector.  The radar detector is used in three different ways or types. The first is the customary corded unit, second the newer cordless units that use batteries and can be mounted on the dash, and third the remote units that are permanently mounted in your vehicle and that are concealed.


Have you ever wondered if baseball is the only sport that uses radar, if you have it isnÕt, there are a lot more that use radar.  According to astro products.  There are tons of sports that use radar the main one is baseball, baseball uses radar to determine how fast the pitcher throws the ball.  Usually the coaches have a radar gun and stand somewhere around where the pitcher is throwing the ball.   They ÒshootÓ the gun while the pitcher throws it and it tells how fast the pitcher threw the ball.  Some of the other sports are: hockey, softball, racquetball, golf, lacrosse, tennis, skeet shooting, go carting, boating, personal water craft, ATV racing, RC cars, race cars and other moving objects.

History or Future

 This paragraph is about who invented radar.  Heinrich Hertz invented radar.  Hertz lived in Germany in the year of 1886 where he (according to inventors.about) Òcalculated that an electric current swinging very rapidly back and forth in a conducting wire would radiate electromagnetic waves into the surrounding spaceÓ Today we would call that an antenna.  This was when radar was first used, in his lab. 

Usage or Buying

Did you know that the police wouldnÕt know your speed without radar? The police wouldnÕt know if you were speeding without radar.  Radar makes people annoyed from police because of all the tickets and warnings from them, but if they didnÕt do that your speed might be unsafe and you have more of a chance of getting into car accidents.



         This paragraph tells about how the weather people use radar. Without radar you wouldnÕt know what the weather would be tomorrow or today.  Without radar you might drive right into a hurricane, or a deadly blizzard.  Radar is a big thing in weather, you never think about it but it is our knowledge of future weather.




I hope that you learned something about radar mainly how it works, who invented it, and the usage of radar.  Thank you for reading my report and donÕt speed on your way home, a police car might chase you.  Remember that a thunderstorm is coming in tomorrow.


































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