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This report is all about a special piece of technology called LASIK. How would you like see better, or get decorative looking eyes? LASIK is laser eye surgery, it stands for Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, and if you feel decorative you can get special contacts with special stuff on them, in this report I will tell you what it is or does, how it works, history, and I will end with usage and other.

What is it or does.

According to Wikipedia, LASIK is eye surgery so people can see without wearing glasses or contacts. A medical device is a device that helps a person heal faster. Some examples of medical devices are Skin, Mucosal Membrane, Brached or Comproised surfaces, etc. A custom lasik is as light rays from distant objects pass through the individual optical components of the eye, they are subject to being distorted by the imperfections found in the cornea and the crystalline lens. An Epi-Lasik is like normal LASIK but for people with thin corneas and it can help make the corneas bigger. LASIK Monovision is   when the eye cannot focus after the age of forty. According to Wikipedia a stent is a medical device thatŐs helps healing a wound. The laser is small and it helps people see better.

How it works.

How does Lasik work? Lasik works by cutting a flap in the cornea and shine the laser in it to clear it out. According to the risks of LASIK is loss of vision, debilitating visual symptoms, dry eye syndrome, etc. LASIK does not hurt but you may feel some pressure around the eye. They cannot change the color of the laser, you canŐt feel the laser and you canŐt see the laser. According to Wikipedia you can wear decorative contacts and the price is according to what you and how long youŐve had it.


According to Wikipedia, LASIK was created by Ioannis Pallikaris, and LASIK was created to help people see better without wearing contacts or glasses, it was invented around 1990, and I donŐt know where it was made.

Usage and Other

According to Wikipedia, if you problems if your LASIK eye surgery see your doctor, and you can use online auction sites to but medical devices. No, the laser cannot cut your fingernailsÉ(darn).


In conclusion, you might think of Lasik as something special, well youŐre right Lasik is something really cool, and if youŐre tired of wearing glasses or contacts Lasik is what you should do.










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