By: Dr. Vanostrin


Have you wondered what kinds of ipods there are? Or what they can plug into, or what colors they come in? Well, if you want to find out all of that information read this report. Then you can find out all of that information and more! You can learn what it is, what it does, and how it works. My sisters both have ipods and they are really cool and fun to listen to. I hope you enjoy this report I wrote about ipods. J

What it is or Does


What colors does it come in? According to Amazon.com It comes in all sorts of colors like Pink, Blue, Green, White, Black, and more. Colors are really cool on ipods. You can buy an ipod with built in color on it. Or you could buy just a white or black one and then buy those color cases for it.

Can it play movies? Yes, According to google, it plays movies when you download them. You could watch your favorite movies like Pirates of the Caribbean if you want, as long as you download them. ItŐs really cool to watch movies on your ipod. You could take it anywhere and watch movies!

Can it hook up to computers? Well, according to a lot of different websites like on Amazon and stuff. Yes, you can charge them when itŐs plugged into the computer, or you can listen to music while itŐs plugged into the computer.

What kinds of ipods are there? There are a lot of different ipods like, ipod nano, ipod video, ipod mini, ipod shuffle, and ipod hi-fi. Video Ipod is probably my favorite ipod cause you can watch movies.

   How it works

Can you get songs off of your Ipod? Yes. ItŐs good to take songs off of your ipod. For example, if someone puts a song you donŐt like on there, then you can just get the song off of it.


Can you hook your ipod to your car? Yes, you hook it up to your car and! you can listen to music in your car. As long as you have an ipod connector. ItŐs pretty cool 

How many songs can it hold? It holds from 240-3700,5000,10,000!!! J  (WOW)

Can you connect your ipod to your TV? Yes, you can. It is kind of cool.


In conclusion, Ipods are really cool! I hope that you can find out for yourself about ipods and maybe buy one!!