Digital Video Recorder

By Alice Crosby


You are watching the Jazz game of the century against the Golden State Warriors on your TV.  The ref makes an extremely bad call and you are there to stop the TV rewind it and watch it again.  Well this is here to tell you all about the device that you used to pause that TV.  This report will tell you about How it works its History and the Price of a decent DVR. In other words Digital Video Recorder.  This object is used to pause live TV.  Well to find out more, keep reading.

How it works

This is a paragraph about whatÕs inside of the DVR.  Have you ever wondered whatÕs inside a DVR?  Well I have, so IÕm going to tell you all about what goes on inside a DVR.  According to Comcast, first you turn on your TV, that lets your TV service, weather itÕs Comcast or Dish or anything else, know that you are turning your TV on.  Then they send a signal to the DVRÕs built in tuner. From there it goes to the MPEG-2 encoder.  The encoder converts the analog into digital bytes.  Then it gets shipped off to two different places, the hard drive, to be saved, and to the MPEG-2 decoder.  The decoder then converts it back to analog to be viewed on your television.  ItÕs cool and weird to think that all of this happens in about a millisecond.


This is a paragraph about who invented DVR and when. According to Wikipedia, it was only in 1985, that David Rafner came up with the idea of a drive-based DVR designed for home TV recording.  David Rafner was apparently an employee of HoneywellÕs Physical Science Center at the time.  The DVR was built for time-slipping and commercial skipping, a very useful feature.

This is a paragraph about what companies make DVR and how many bytes it can hold. There are many different companies that make DVR.  ThereÕs TiVo, Comcast, Dish and many others.  The number of bytes differ in a DVR.  According to Comcast, the general amount of minutes you can store on your computer is sixty hours of standard definition.  But some of them can hold more.  It all depends on how much you are willing to pay to get a great DVR.


This paragraph is about how much the whole package of a DVR is.  DVR can be hundreds of dollars.  I found out that there is this one DVR on Ebay that is $1,159.99.  It depends on the company but the monthly fee is normally $40 per month.  So if you want a DVR you better start saving now.


In conclusion, you might think of DVR as a big shortcut in life, but really, itÕs the start of a very cool technology called DVR.