Lie Detector is Awesome (I am not lying)

By your mom 


Hello I am a 6th grader. And IÕm not lying. If you donÕt believe me, read this report, because itÕs about lie detectors.   And if you want to find out about it read this then go to and find what research I got from it, and remember search for lie detector.  Please read on to find out about interesting stuff about what a lie detector can do.

What a lie detector is and a little history. 

This paragraph is about what it does.  Columbia University Press said that a Lie Detector is a device that can determent a lie or the truth. Pretend you are tested by a lie detector by your mom because she heard you do something bad so she wants to find if it was really true. How does a lie detector work on lies. It shows small lines if youÕre telling the truth but what dose it show when youÕre telling a lie.  They strap stuff on you that connected to do you know what it is, just ask me.

The first person how really invented the first lie detector was John A Larson


How a lie detector works on lies

This paragraph is about what it does Columbia university press said that a lie detector can tell a lie by your blood pressure and the sweat on your skin, and the speech your saying. It shows your blood react and the sweat. HereÕs a tip how to confuse a lie detector, itÕs by telling a lie and the truth by the same time but itÕs harder then you think  

What is another name for a lie detector?

This paragraph is about what another name is for it Columbia university press said Lie detector: Another name for a lie detector? Another name for a lie detector is a polygraph.  Hint: If you want to find out one kind of lie, detectors look at the end of the Conclusion.

The lie detector is fascinating or is it really not fascinating.  If you have been tested by one tell me what itÕs like, IÕm just kidding about that.



In conclusion, well have you learned interesting stuff about lie detector or if thereÕs stuff that I should add or correct any thing on My Technology Report and IÕm not lying, J. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about lie detectors. I know I enjoyed learning about how to confuse a lie detector and how it knows your telling a lie I hope it interesting.  Always remember what it dose and about youÕre maybe telling a lie to your Mom.