Fax Machines

By Joe


Have you ever wondered about how the fax machine works or when it was invented or who invented it? Or you also may wonder, the parts and all the stuff we use to make it work, who uses it or all of the other various questions you might ask. Well I can help.   It is used in a lot of different places. There are many unique things about the fax machine, like history, history is very important (you donŐt know where you are going if you donŐt know where you have been), the usage (do you use a fax machine and would you like to know who else uses it), and many more things you might want to know.  In this report you will learn things about the fax machine that you probably didnŐt know.



Would you like to know who invented the fax machine?   The Fax Machine a British invention made by a British scientist, AKA Alexander Bain, or so Mary Bellis states.  Many people are surprised to learn that the inventor is British.

Maybe you would like to know when the fax machine was invented.  Well, according to Mary Bellis, it was invented in 1843 and didnŐt become popular until the 1980Ős.  I think that this is very interesting because it was made so long ago and they didnŐt even think to have it in other places till the 1980Ős.

What it is or does/Usage

The Fax Machine is a very unique machine in my opinion; it can do a lot of interesting things.  Mary Bellis says that it uses the smallest things that nobody could guess what.  The very first ones had a drum.  The little drum was used to beat and it would send signals called binary, using signals like 0 and 1 and then the Fax Machine that it was sending to would translate it into words and sentences.  So then you could talk to all of your friends. 

The usage of Fax Machine has a pretty high percentage of people who use it at their house and at their offices and at work and all over the place.  Most people think it is impossible to do a job with out a fax machine.  I think that it isnŐt impossible but harder.  My dad is an accountant and he has fax machines all over the place and they use it all the time. 

People wonder why they call it the Fax Machine all the time.  The word Fax comes from the word facsimile.  They use it to email instantly.  When you have a large business it is really convenient.  Teachers use it to send orders for book orders and all that stuff.

Nobody really cares whether the fax machine is pink, purple, or yellow with blue polka dots.  But the most common colors are gray, black, and white.  All the pictures of fax machines for buying or to sell are usually white, black, and gray.

People have asked me if the Fax Machine can be hooked to your printer or not.  The answer to all of those questions is yes.  As a matter of fact my old fax machine was hooked to my printer.  It is very useful because you donŐt have to have a separate fax machine or have it hooked to your phone on the printer it is much less confusing to me.



       In conclusion, you might think of Fax machine as a small computer hooked to your phone.  The way that I think of it is my own personal phone line without talking.  So if you have a cold and you canŐt speak then you donŐt have to talk it is AWESOME.  I hope you enjoyed my report on fax machine.





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