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Are you sick of missing your favorite shows but donŐt have time to buy a tape. Well here is the answer: DVR.  This is a faster and cheaper way to save videos.   I will let you know about what it is or does, how it works, its history and future, how it is made, and finally buying this product.

What is it or what dose it do?

This might surprise you but there is a mini DVR too.   According to spy gadgets, the amazing mini DVR is only Ň3-1/2 x 2-1/4 x 1/2 inches, entire recorder can fit into a pack of cigarettes.Ó Now that is an amazing fact. This little recorder can save you time and a lot of space.

What was it made for?  It was made so you can leave the room or go some were and you can just rewind it so you wont miss your favorite shows with out putting in the tape. It can save time and money.

How dose it work?

Where can it be saving to if you donŐt use a tape recorder? According to Wikipedia, it is saved to a hard drive so you donŐt have to put in a tape to record your favorite shows.  Or, some people just want to keep a copy of it.

History and future

How many companies sell the DVR? There are many companies that sell the DVR likeÉ. Sony, TiVo, LG, Speco, Ever Focus this are some famous companies. That sells the DVR.

How it was made

What are some major companies that make the DVR? There are many companies that make the DVR but the most popular are Sony and TiVo. They are big name companies that sell nice DVR.

What new styles are there? There is a mini one and on that can hold up to 1000 hours now that is a long time. There are many kind of DVR and there are searching 


 IF you are thinking about buying a DVR, then read  this paragraph.  If you are thinking about buying a DVR Wikipedia has some help! Here are some normal price ranges for the DVR: Under $600, $600 - $970, $970 - $1,500, $1,500 - $3,000, Over $3,000.  The prices change from the quality and from how many hours it can hold of videos. I know that all of you love shows that you want to show your friends!

Where can you get this item? According to many web sites like spy Gadgets ETCÉ You can get this item in stores and on the Internet. You can find cheap and expensive depending on the hours and the types.  There are so many Types of DVR from mini to like big.

Is this item sold on the Internet yes you can buy this item on the internet and it will be ship to you.


This is a great invention THE DVR can save time and money and it is a more and efficient. The ways the improve it everyday and find new ways to help you. It is one of the great inventions that our world do today and that is why learning about the DVR was so interesting to me.



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