Ipod Report

By LebJ9283

Intro  (LetÕs get started!)

An I-What!? For those of you who donÕt know what an i-Pod is, please do the following.  First, get out of that cave that you have been spending the last 20 years in.  Second, read my report.  And, finally, when youÕre finished with my report, go back in your cave, but take an i-Pod with you for crying out loud. (Returning to cave not suggested).  Keep reading and you will find out about its history and how it works.

History.  (Cause you canÕt know where your going if you donÕt know where youÕve been!))

      Ipod is the most popular Mp3 player in the world, but how did it get like that?  Well in 1993 Iapple (a special company) thought that it would be a great idea to make a music player that could: 1, fit into your pocket and 2, Work with your computer.   So they came out with the Ipod.  The I in Ipod came from the companyÕs name.  Shortly after creating the Ipod they changed theyÕre name directly to Apple.  Just Apple. 

       Who in Apple invented it?  That is classified information! Ok IÕll tell you! Nobody but the guy who made I knows.  But the guy who invented it is actually very, very rich despite the fact that his company gets the most of his earnings. The supposed idea is that a team of men actually invented it, not one.  So theyÕre all rich!  Happy day!

       How many have been sold on record?  Well you might as well give up on figuring that out!  There have been so many Ipods sold that it is beyond count now!  But the largest sale of Ipods in just one day is a huge number!  23,000,000 In just one day were sold!  That is an incredible number!  Now they had sold each for $100 so following calculation the amount of money Apple earned is $230,000,000,000.  Think about the Apple employees Christmas bonus!

How it works. (From Gizmos to Gadgets to Looks)

Pump the music! Literally!  If you use and it has to pump various vibrations through a Òlittle translatorÓ, as stated by Charles Brown.  After that itÕs all you need to make noise.  Those are the two most powerful things in its system. 

But there are lots of other things to power and provide for those two devices.  For instance you either need a speaker or some head phones to have the music gets to you!  With a little amount of new devices that are called Icreatures, you can actually listen to it through a penguin, a dog, a cat, and so many other things!  These animals all start with an I because of the company made it for the Ipod

Music is uplifting!  That is precisely why the Ipod is a great thing.  Everyone who needs to be uplifted listens to music.  I know I do.  ThatÕs why I am normally happy!  What kind of music are you into?  Whatever it is, the Ipod is going to be into it as well!  You see the ipod is custom! So it is all about you, from music to its design.  

How on earth does it work with a computer? I was hoping youÕd ask that!  The Ipod hooks up with your computer using a wireless or USB connection.   These allow you to be connected with your computer!  ÒWith a connection you can get more music off itunes for a cheap price!Ó  as stated by Itunes.


In conclusion, you might think that Apples Company just invented the Ipod and got rich off it!  And your right! But IApple invented more that just that and is going to invent more! Just wait and see!  The Ipod is going to be more than that cool music player!





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7 April, 2007


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