Digital Camera

By Crzy Grl 100


You seriously need a digital camera. You shouldn’t have a busted camera that costs a lot of money. So if you want a sweet camera read my report. In my report you shall (or will) learn what a digital camera is (or does), how a digital camera works, the history and the usage.

What it is or does

Some people wonder what a digital camera is. Wikipedia says, “A digital camera is an electronic device that stores photos by itself instead of using photographic film.” What that means is, “Digital camera is electronic and stores photos without you having to do anything.”

Some people think, “ Is there any color with digital camera? What color?” The answer is yes, there are different colors than black or gray. Some of these colors are pink, white, brown, blue, green, yellow, purple, red, and even more. There’s even a wooden digital camera! I found the answers at Goggle Images if you want to find what other colors there are.

How it works

Now are then, people wonder how digital camera works. Well, I got the answer.  According to Thom Hogon, the lens in the camera has the light focus on a plane. For more information, go to If you want to really understand it, you can open your camera.


Do you know who made the first digital camera?  Well his name is Steve Sasson. According to Wikipedia he is the first one to attempt at building the digital camera that is recorded. Keep on reading. You would learn more about digital camera if you keep on reading.

The invention of the digital camera chips is interesting. According to Wikipedia (again) Fairchild Semiconductor made the digital camera chip (which is a CCD chip) in 1973. So Steve Sasson took it and made a digital camera.

Do you know when the digital camera took its first picture?  It took its first picture in December 1975. It took 23 seconds to take it.  Now days it takes only 5 or 6 sec.

Don’t you ever wonder which company made digital camera? Well, we have the answer. Earlier, it said Steve Sasson built it. According to Wikipedia, Steve Sasson was a worker of Eastman Kodak. So, I wonder if we should give credit to him, or his company. What do you think?

Some people ask, “What is the difference from a normal camera and a digital camera?” According to me, me, and me (and maybe Mr. Welch) the difference is that there are a lot of them, but I’ll type some down anyway.  You can change the colors, erase some, make movies, and etc. If you want more go to your digital camera and do some unusual things with it.


Usually people stress about reading all that instruction on digital camera. So they ask “can you operate the digital camera without reading its instruction?”  Well according to, yup, you guessed it, me. Well anyway, the answer is, it depends on you!!! It depends on the person if he/she knows how to play around. I did it without any help.


So now you know about some facts about digital camera. If you want to learn more, GO FIGURE IT OUT YOURSELF!!!     It’s easy. You go to Goggle, type digital camera, press the goggle search button, and search!




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