Ever out of cash?  Problem solved.  The ATM is a machine that gets you cash when you need it.  You can access your bank account to take out money, and many other financial things.  And, you donÕt need assistance from a banker.   An ATM is a good machine to have around when you go to the theater or mall.  So why not use one?!

How it works

ATM is a machine that provides financial related activities, like it can give you cash when you need it, and there is one about everywhere you go. 

Wikipedia says an ATM can access your bank account and deposit cash when you need it, without a banker.  It is pretty easy to use, also. 

      An ATM has a slot that the cash comes out of, and the machine can tell if the wrong bill or to many bills come out.  It basically has inside a CPU, Card reader, vault, and cash cartridge, and Pin Pad.

         An ATM contains cash inside of the vault, and it gives out a certain amount of money when someone needs it, and you donÕt need human help.

         The Pin Pad, a.k.a. EPP, is like a keypad.  The ATM is a popular target for burglars, and even with the vault and security cameras people get away with it.  So, the pin pad is now part of the security system.  The PED protects the ATM from being broken in to. 



 Where to find one

ATMs are found in stores and in other places like that.

Mary Bellis says that they are placed in popular areas where people may need cash, like a movie theatre, bank, or mall.  Most ATMs are placed in or near banks.

There are many ATM users each day because they are useful and helpful when youÕre out of bills!


The Invention/History

         Ever wondered who invented the ATM?  Don Wetzel is credited for inventing the first ATM in the 1960s while working for a company called Docutel.

Many people claim to have invented the first ATM, but Don Wetzel has proof of inventing the first modern and successful ATM machine.

According to Mary Bellis, the first ATMs were off line machines.  That means that the money was not withdrawn automatically from an account.  At the time, the bank accounts werenÕt connected by a computer network to the ATM.

In 1973, the ATM first came into wide UK use.  The 2984 CIT was the first true cashpoint, kind of like todayÕs machines.



In conclusion, the ATM is a very modern, amazing machine that has helped a lot.





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