By: Giggle Girl**


       Do you want a more efficient way to cook you food?  Well now we have something that

Buying and usage

How much does it cost? “According to shopzilla.ink” It costs $300 to about $500 but it depends on what store you go to. Some stores have very good but expensive microwaves and some are okay but cheap it just depends on where you go. A lot of people have good microwaves and some people have ok but they are good either way.

What is it used for? Of course it is made to heat up food. Some people also say that they also made it so it wouldn’t make your plate hot.

How many people in America use microwaves for preparation of food? Over 90% of American homes have microwave ovens used for meal preparation. That is a lot of people using microwaves and that is only in America.

How are microwaves formed? Microwaves are made up of electromagnet radiation

History and future

Who invented it? “ According to J. Carlton Gallawa” Percy LaBron Spencer invented the microwave. A candy bar melted in his pocket and that is how he came up with the candy bar. The candy bar melted in his pocket by RADAR with microwave and that is how it melted.

How were microwaves cooking discovered? “According to Media Wikipedia” Percy Spencer discovered cooking food with microwaves while building magnetrons for radar sets at Raytheon. He was working on an active radar set when he noticed a strange sensation, and saw that a peanut candy bar he had in his pocket started to melt. Although he was not the first to notice this phenomenon, as the holder of 120 patents, Spencer was no stranger to discovery and experiment, and realized what was happening. The radar had melted his candy bar with microwaves. The first food to be deliberately cooked with microwaves was popcorn, and the second was an egg (which exploded in the face of one of the experimenters). I think that is a funny and interesting way to find out about the microwave.

What it is or does

Why do some people not like microwaves? Some people, like chefs, don't like microwave ovens. They say that when you cook it, it doesn't cook right and it makes the food look brown. :) 


In conclusion, you might think of a microwave as an electronic navigator. I hope that my report gave you more information about microwaves.