Gas Masks

By: McKE6531


 In world war one the Germans had a new weapon, gas bombs. They would throw them into the trenches where the marines were. It would leave ten to thirty people dead each time. It was a surprise to us; we had to find a solution, quick.  If you want to learn more about gas masks read my report be I will talk more about it’s history what it is and does and how it works. You will be surprised by what this report says.


Around the middle of the war something bad happened. According to, “The British built a carbon monoxide respirator for use during WW1 in February 1915, before the first use of chemical gas weapons. It was discovered that unexploded enemy shells gave off high enough levels of carbon monoxide to kill soldiers in the trenches, foxholes, and other contained environments. Similar, to the dangers of the exhaust from a car with its engine turned on in an enclosed garage.” We didn’t expect this, so we got to work.

  The first person that invented gas masks had to be very smart and fast at making them. According to, “An American, Garrett Morgan patented the Morgan safety hood and smoke protector in 1914. Two years later, Garrett Morgan made national news when his gas mask was used to rescue 32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie. The publicity sold the safety hood to firehouses across the United States. Some historians site the Morgan design as the basis for early U.S. army gas masks used during WW1, others do not.” The government had an idea to solve this problem.

So, if Mr. Morgan gave the idea, then who invented it?  According to …”Canadian, Cluny Macpherson designed a fabric 'smoke helmet' with a single exhaling tube, impregnated with chemical sorbents to defeat the airborne chlorine used in the gas attacks. Macpherson's designs were used and modified by allied forces and are considered the first to be used to protect against chemical weapons.” That is how we solved the problem!

What it is and does

If you were a little girl gas masks would look like a monster or worse. They have glowing eyes and creepy nose, like a bowl with little teeth. Gas Masks to me was very scary when I was a little girl that was what I thought about gas masks. Also with greasy old rubber skin. Especially when it had no hair! (Look at picture as bottom of report.)

Gas masks were different then now and it covers different parts of the face. Some of them only cover half of the face, others cover the whole face, and some of them are connected to suits! But a lot of these weren’t made when the first gas masks were invented. All they really were was Charcoal filter and Particulate filter, then for the finishing touches was a cover to cover the face. Glass or clear plastic to cover the eyes. Now there are all types of gas masks. Ones with exhalation! Also there’s a nose cup, it makes the air flow right into the nose or mouth.

In the middle of the war every one had to wear a gas mask. If you were outside walking to school you would haft to have a gas mask on. Another example is if you were playing with your friends and outside doing jump rope you would haft to have a gas mask on. If you didn’t you would get in big trouble with the government. Some people went to jail because they through there gas masks in the garbage or junked it in some awful way. So every body looked like monsters back then.

Gas masks aren’t as popular now but you can still get them.  You could buy it off the Internet and also some army stores. They do cost a bit (one hundred to three hundred ) but if you are a fan and have the money they will come in for a purpose some how.

How it works

Gas masks are a fun piece of technology there are lots, and are made and work in very different ways. Like some just have charcoal and others just have particulate filter But the most common is just charcoal and particulate. Others have glass eyes and some have plastic eyes, some have rubber cover and some have metal or plastic cover. But In anyway they’re made their exciting to me.

Gas masks are made in a way you wouldn’t expect.  First the filters are the most important part because if you didn’t have a filter you would just be breathing poisoned air. The products inside the filter are particulate and charcoal. Particulate removes particulate matter. Charcoal is a whole other different way. Charcoal is supposed to have small air hole bubbles so when the gas has gone through the particulate filter and then starts to go into the charcoal filter the air only goes in and nothing else because the other chemicals haft to have more bubbles or air bubbles.

Around the end of the war we invented gas masks for other creatures. According to … “Cluny Macpherson” invented the gas mask it was only for one person. But now we have made gas masks for horses and dogs

etc. (See picture below) Now we can take dogs into war to sniff out objects or people. We figured out how to make the same process work but have the dog or horse etc. breathe naturally and not have a hard time. So if they haft to run etc. they will breathe well and do a good job at what their supposed to do.


In conclusion I hope you liked my report and learned a bit more about Gas Masks. With all the history, who invented it, what they look like, different kinds, prices or buying, how their made, and who else can wear them except humans. It was a great time learning about Gas Masks!














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