Space shuttles



       Do you think the space shuttle was invented in the eighties? Well your way off.  If you want to find out when it was invented read more. In this report I will tell you what a space shuttle does, how it works, and the history of space shuttles.

What it is or does

This paragraph will be about what they were made for. According to wikipidia, “Space shuttles were made so that we could go into space and come back. Also space shuttles made it so we could reuse the space shuttle and save millions of dollars. Also we made shuttles so that we could go learn other things about planets and go to planets.” Space shuttles sure save us a ton of money and help us learn more about space.

This paragraph will be about why they are so big. Space shuttles are so big so that everything could fit into it. If it weren’t so big it would not be able to make it there and back. All of the stuff needs to fit into the space shuttle so it can have a successful mission and not BLOW UP!

 How it works


This paragraph will be about how it was made and what it is made out of. How the space shuttle was made was that humans and robots were the ones who made shuttles. Out of many things. Space shuttles are made out of titanium and foam and metal.

This paragraph will be about what makes a space shuttle fly and how they get through the atmosphere. According to,* Space shuttles are made out a special metal that’s is made so that it can withstand extreme temperatures. This metal has not been released to the public so I have no clue what it’s called. How they fly is that they have 3-4 rockets on the back and that helps them propel the space shuttle into space.* We needed special metal for the space shuttle to get through the atmosphere.

This paragraph will be on how many booster/rockets does a space shuttle have. Space shuttles have 3-4bosters so that they can get out of the atmosphere also then need them so they can get back to earth. They are about 10 feet in diameter sometimes there is one in the middle of the three and it’s only 5 feet on diameter.


This paragraph will be about who made the first space shuttle. According to wikipedia, *The person who made the first space shuttle was The Russian space agency made the first space shuttle to successfully make it on a full trip. Then Europe did and then the USA.*

This paragraph will be about why the space shuttle was invented.  According to wikipidia, “The reason why we invented the space shuttle was because we were so curious to see what was up in space.” Basically the reason why we made space shuttles was because we were so dang curious.

This paragraph will be on when the first space shuttle was made.  According to wikipidia,” The first space shuttle was made in May 11, 1792.” It was made in 1792 by the European space agency. But was successfully finished in 1980 by Russia then launched into space!

This paragraph will be about what the first space shuttle was called and how many have been made. The first space shuttle that the USA made was the Columbia. It went on 23 successful missions then on it’s 24th mission The Columbia crashed 16 minutes before it was going to land. According to wikipidia,” The USA has made 6 space shuttles. 


In conclusion, you might think of space shuttle as a way that we solved are curiosity and learned new things.































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